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When to migrate to Magento?

10 March 2021by Krzysztof Abram

Magento is one of the most popular and efficient e-commerce platforms. It allows building advanced B2C and B2B stores, which many big players have found out. Those who are not using this platform yet wonder when to migrate to Magento. In today’s entry we share some useful information on this topic.

Who is Magento for?

Let’s start with a basic question: who is Magento for? Definitely – for large stores with appropriate budgets for implementation and later technical support. Magento has huge possibilities, but to use them fully you need an experienced team of developers and an e-commerce agency which will take care of support and development issues. There is a free version of Magento (known as Open Source) which has all basic elements necessary to run an online store. In theory, it allows you to build a basic site for sales at a relatively low cost right from the start. However, practice shows that ready-made modules (although available in large numbers) do not always fulfill their function. Usually they need to be tailored to the specific needs of a store. And this in turn requires you to have programming knowledge or find someone who has such knowledge. To sum up this part of the article: a small store can also run on Magento. However, in the vast majority of cases the cost of its maintenance will be inadequate to the actual needs. That’s why if you’re just starting your e-commerce adventure, we recommend setting up your first store on one of the SaaS platforms. It’ s a different story if you’ve been developing sales for some time and you need a platform that will meet your sales goals for the next few years. In that case Magento is the best choice for you. Why?

Advantages of Magento

How is it that every tenth store in the world is based on Magento? Why do such big players as YES, Eobuwie or 4F in Poland choose this platform? There are several reasons. Large e-commerce oriented businesses value Magento for i.a:

  • scalability – no matter how fast your sales grow, Magento will work efficiently (provided you take care of the right server),
  • ability to customize the platform – Magento allows you to add dedicated extensions, created exactly to provide you with all the necessary functionalities of your store,
  • easy SEO optimization, which will help you list your products above your competition,

On Magento you are able to create a store perfectly tailored to your needs. Any solution that extends its capabilities can be ” made to measure ” providing you not only full integration with your existing code, but also exactly the features you need.

When to implement a Magento store

Investing in e-commerce is one of the key steps in the growth path of many businesses. Events such as the COVID-19 pandemic have shown that being online is extremely important for many industries. Often it can even be a matter of survival for companies operating in them. Here comes the question: when is it worth implementing a store on Magento? There are two answers and they depend on the stage your business is currently at:

  • I already have my store on another platform or in the SaaS model: in this case, the need to migrate to Magento may arise at the time when the existing solutions are no longer sufficient to continue scaling sales and implementing store development plans,
  • I don’t have an online store yet, but I have strong other sales channels: in a situation where you operate e.g. stationary and you’re thinking about starting online sales, Magento may be the solution for you, allowing you to build e-commerce on a future-proof platform right from the start.

The possibilities offered by a store on Magento make more and more e-commerce businesses move to this technology at a certain stage of development. So if you are also thinking about implementing this technology in your company, feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to discuss how we can support your business in further growth.

Do you want to launch a store on Magento? Not sure how to do it? Get a free consultation – we’ll answer all your questions!



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