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Magento pricing – what are the support & maintenance costs of the Magento store?

4 March 2021by Krzysztof Abram

Running and developing an online store is not only a chance for real profits. It is also a necessity to bear certain costs. Costs that are worth knowing before making important business decisions. Therefore, today’s article will answer one of the most frequently asked questions about Magento pricing: what are the costs of maintaining a store on Magento?

Does an online store need technical support?

Wondering if your store needs maintenance at all? We will answer without undue delay – yes, it does. Why? Because as long as you do not have the knowledge and skills to fix store or server bugs on your own – you need help to keep your business running. If you compare your store to a human organism, technical support performed by an e-commerce agency is its immune system. It reacts to all problems in a short time and nips them in the bud. And just like you take care of your immunity, you should also take care of your store’s immunity. Therefore, it is time to explore the costs.

Magento Pricing – what are the maintenance costs of the Magento store?

Signing a maintenance agreement with an e-commerce agency is the first step on the way to ensuring safety in running a business. Especially since within the agreement you not only receive guaranteed technical support for your store, but also additional benefits related to the agency’s support. However, we will write about benefits in a moment. At this point, let’s focus on how much Magento costs. The market rates for technical support of online stores are different. Their amount depends on really many factors: the experience of the agency, the city where it is located, the number of employees, the certificates they have, etc. According to our observations, the average price range for one man-hour is between 100 -150€ net (88 -132£ net). An e-commerce agency usually offers its maintenance customers a certain package of hours per month, within which the agency commits to  repair, optimization and development work on the store. Typically, such a package includes 80 man-hours per month, which is the optimal amount of time to ensure the proper operation of the website. The above shows that the average monthly cost of maintaining a Magento online store varies between 8 000 -12 000€ net (7 040 -10 560£ net). Each e-commerce agency will help you choose the right package that will best reflect your true needs. 

What does an online store technical support include?

Yes, this is the point at which we move on to the benefits mentioned earlier. As part of the maintenance agreement, the e-commerce agency agrees to ensure the continuity of the store’s operation and to quickly solve problems arising in the store (this time depends on the SLA included in the agreement). Moreover, as part of the hourly package, the agency will not only take care of the store’s security, but also:

  • carries out optimization works commissioned by you (e.g. acceleration of store operation),
  • install additional modules to increase functionality (are you planning to implement a new payment system or add another delivery service? An e-commerce agency will take care of it all from the technical side),
  • protect your store from cyber attacks (update security systems, improve server performance, fix vulnerabilities in the code of the website, which allows illegal access to important data),
  • will help you to develop your business (by supporting you with their knowledge and experience, proposing specific technological solutions, etc.).

As you can see, the maintenance agreement not only guarantees you fast technical support, but it also provides solid support for the development of your store.

At Gate-Software, we specialize in providing technical support for stores on the Magento platform. Looking for a reliable technology partner for your business? Check our offer.

How to find a good e-commerce agency for maintaining a store on Magento?

We have already written about the criteria that a good e-commerce agency should meet on our blog (please read the text above). If you are looking for a partner who will provide you with the maximum possible level of security, you should pay attention to:

  • specialization in the e-commerce platform on which you sell,
  • certificates which guarantee that the people working on your store have the knowledge necessary for its proper technical service,
  • presence of Quality Assurance department, i.e. testing department within the agency structure, responsible for constant testing of implemented updates,
  • access to tools dedicated to reporting tasks and errors, such as our Helpdesk.

Choosing to cooperate with an e-commerce agency that meets the above assumptions, you guarantee yourself higher security of your business and assistance in its constant development. Which may result in increased profits in the near future.

Would you like to talk about the maintenance of your online store? Get a free, non-binding consultation with our experts.



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