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E-commerce consulting

We offer comprehensive support for your online store

The e-commerce industry is growing in popularity. The amount of work and lack of time causes that many companies lose control over the development of their business. E-commerce consulting will help you control the company and contribute to its development. We support online store owners and e-commerce managers in building an efficient organization.

We also support companies that are just looking to enter the e-commerce market by helping them create an online sales channel from scratch. For this purpose, we provide excellent technology, and with the support of experienced Strategists and E-commerce as well as Marketing Managers, we help to build an effective strategy that sells.

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What will you gain by choosing our e-commerce consulting?

Remote E-commerce Manager

Our E-commerce Manager will help you build your business strategy no matter where you are.


We share our e-commerce knowledge in order to enrich your competences and make it easier for you to continue achieving your goals.

Development of your e-commerce

We offer help, which will be the key to the success of your store.

Quality assurance

Our experts have experience with Magento platforms, therefore they will propose solutions adequate to market requirements.

Saving time

We will look for solutions while you can take care of your business.

Best functionalities

We can select the right tools for your online store to ensure that it functions at the highest level.

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When to decide on e-commerce consulting?

  • you are thinking about entering the e-commerce market, but don’t know how to do it effectively,
  • you need support in talks with a development company during the implementation of your store,
  • there is a problem with understanding what a developer needs from you, and the language he uses is completely unclear to you,
  • in case you need support in making important decisions about how your store should function,
  • when your store does not bring you the expected sales results,
    in the event that you need an outside help for the development of your e-commerce,
  • when marketing has stopped scaling sales and you need a new market strategy, developing tactics and communication channels on the Internet.

What does e-commerce consulting look like in practice? Check out our blog:

A case study that may interest you!

Logo Libet

Is e-commerce in a manufacturing company possible? Absolutely!

In cooperation with Libet S.A. – a leading manufacturer of paving stones, we prepared an e-shop to be launched at e-otoczenie.pl. This store, intended for activities in the B2C model, opened the company to a completely new sales channel.

Thanks to this, the company became independent from distributors, offering access to its assortment directly to end customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

See also the article on our blog: E-commerce implementation in a manufacturing company

How do we advise?

Customer and target group analysis

We start with the customer. We will define your target group and build a customer profile for your product. Finally, we will build a model of communication based on benefits and overcoming objections.

Building value proposition

People trust brands that keep their promises. We will help your company to build a value proposition that will distinguish you in the market and make your customers love it. Price is not always important in e-commerce. We will show you how to build sales and make money at the same time.

Market strategy of the online store

Our experts can help your company to find its place in a competitive market and match its character to the expectations of your client. We will define the most important market and consumer trends and indicate opportunities for your company to stand out.

E-commerce tactics and activities

We will prepare tactics and actions to reach your customers by selecting tools which will suport sales and communication. Our experts will tell you how to choose a good agency and we can help you in its acquisition. Together we will build a team and verify the competences and skills of your employees and co-workers.

Support in technology development

We will arrange the development processes for your store. Together with a software company we will build a model of cooperation that will allow your organization to focus on development, not on fixing errors. The priority for us is always to achieve the goal you set for your company. We support and advise you in the implementation of new functionalities. We analyze and advise against unjustified costs.

Logistics and customer service processes

Efficient order processing and safe shipping to the customer is the responsibility of every online store. We will help you to create processes and procedures that will secure this area in your company. Together we will implement tools and set standards for customer service, safe packaging and complaint procedures. Our experts will select logistic partners, help to establish conditions and indicate key elements of contracts.

E-commerce consulting. The next step in your business development.

At some stage of development, you are not able to control all aspects of your business. During the scaling process, some obstacles happen, which have an impact on the quality of your business. To make this path easier you can reach for the help from e-commerce experts. Decide on an e-commerce consulting service.

What should you focus on at the beginning?

  • Finding the right partner to provide you with support.

The right partner to go through the process of development or scaling often  determines the smooth running of the process. If you decide to hire such experts on a full-time basis remember that  there will be periods in which their full-time job will require less commitment. Thus, you can decide on hiring an e-commerce agency that will take care of your business for a period of time.

  • Define your strategy and business model

Defining the directions of development is not possible without experience in e-commerce and business. Strategy is a basic element for your business. You can carry out further actions, find appropriate solutions, embed business in the market and business environment. A strategy is extremely important to build a solid foundation and then a competitive advantage.

  • Implementation of processes for the e-shop.

Choosing the right e-commerce platform or ERP system are more technical things that someone with experience should help you choose. On the other hand, there are less technical things, like choosing the right CMS. This can be successfully completed and managed by people from marketing or customer service departments.

  • Development of sales and marketing.

Developing your business is also about future sales and marketing activities. Without sales and marketing the scale of planning and development will be incomplete. Among other things, factors such as shopping cart value, current and planned conversion, sales margin, UX or UI are essential for analysis during development, increasing the scale of your business. All these factors will help you determine the current profitability level of your business and the possibility of increasing this level.

If you’re looking for an e-commerce consultant you should ask him about the above mentioned aspects.

What an e-commerce consultant can help you with ?

  • The consultant will support you in expanding your e-commerce activities to foreign markets.
  • He will carry out an audit (SEO/SEM/UX), suggesting possible improvements.
  • E-commerce cnsultant will suggest how to optimize the e-shop to sell more (analyzing the ratios of abandoned shopping carts, conversions from individual communication channels, etc.).
  • What is most important – he will adjust its role and competences to your business. Only the most experienced e-commerce manager can understand all your needs.


E-commerce consulting is a process of comprehensive customer support. It often includes activities in UX/UI, design, or e-commerce platform, Performance Marketing, or Content Marketing areas conducted to support sales.

Internet sales and e-shop activities are the tip of the iceberg. Business decisions  can influence the future of already very mature businesses. It is often the idea of a “differentiator” that gives the possibility of a competitive advantage, which determines whether or not to be on the market.

E-commerce consulting - how can we help you?

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