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Progressive Web Apps

PWA technology allows you to create web applications that can be run on any device with a web browser.

Year after year, you will certainly notice more and more users of your store using mobile devices. Browsing through offers and buying on the phone is a daily reality. This trend will only grow, so to get these users you should adapt your store to the latest trends. The PWA (Progressive Web Apps) can help you.

PWA resemble a mobile application, with the difference that it is written in a programming language appropriate for the operating system. From the user’s position it works like a mobile application (or desktop application). An additional advantage is the operation of one application within all available operating systems.

PWA - Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps provide you with:

Better Google search results

Mobile-friendless is a ranking factor. Therefore, Mobile-First Index has a great influence on the position of your website in search results.

Greater user engagement

On average, users spend 30% more time on mobile-friendly websites. It is worth to use this time to convince the user to buy.

Increased conversion rate from mobile devices

Adapting the store and the shopping cart to mobile version will make the purchase easier and faster. Thanks to that there is a greater chance that the customer will buy a product in your online store.

Better page speed

You only have a few seconds (statistically about 3 seconds) before the user leaves the site on a mobile device - if the content does not load correctly. In the case of PWA, the loading time of the website is significantly reduced.

Reduced cost of creating the website.

So far, most of the services have been created separately for all platforms (Android, iOS, RWD). PWA is one project for all devices.

Offline functioning of your store

Offline functioning of the store thanks to saving data downloaded from the server to the phone / computer in the background.

The use of progressive web apps combines the best features of mobile and desktop. Unlike mobile applications, there is no need to download it from Google Play or Apple Store.


Do you need PWA VueStorefront?

The answer is yes, if you want to make it easier for users to browse your offer on mobile devices. The advantage of introducing Progressive Web Apps is also the possibility to use it offline.

After downloading the application to the user’s device (without the need to download from Google Play or Apple Store) it is fully functional.


Why should you decide on Progressive Web Apps?

The biggest players setting trends and standards in the digital world, such as: Uber, Instagram, Twitter, Trivago, Alibaba, Forbes or Allegro implemented PWA on their websites. Alibaba, the largest e-commerce application in the world, has increased the conversion speed on mobile devices by 76%; another example is Trivago – after the implementation of a progressive web application, the conversion rate increased on the site by 97%. You can see current statistics on PWA Stats website.

What will your client gain from PWA?

There is no doubt that the client is the most important in every type of business. Customers in both the B2B and B2C sector are united by the need for a fast and simple purchasing process. Therefore, web applications provide such benefits as:

  • Offline availability – thanks to the progressive web apps the customer can make purchases even in the absence of an Internet connection. As a result, users can place orders e.g. while on a plane or train.
  • Application speed and customer interaction – PWAs work like mobile applications, providing easy access to databases. In addition, PWAs use a UX-like structure which allows for intuitive use of applications.
  • Use of client devices functionality – a user downloading a web application to his smartphone will be able to use camera, location or push notifications, which will make the purchasing process even more efficient.
  • Smooth operation of PWA on desktop devices – this type of application is perfect not only on mobile devices. Installation on a computer is much faster than in the case of computer programs due to the smaller size of PWA. Updates are automatic, which saves time.

The above examples confirm that progressive web applications provide many benefits for customers. Of course, there are much more possibilities than these. Web applications attract more and more customers because they help to improve the quality of the purchasing process. Finally, it is worth adding that PWAs provide the same experience for users of mobile and stationary devices.

Progressive web applications and SEO

SEO positioning is an integral part of PWA, because progressive web apps are treated as a standard website. In order for our website to be high in Google searches it is necessary to pay attention to using appropriate key phases, adding title and meta descriptions, appropriate linking or creating appropriate content for the site. An important role is also played by the page loading speed, which should be no more than 3 s. You should also eliminate the duplication of content.

Most PWAs are based on JavaScript, which gives a number of possibilities, but also causes indexing problems. Google robots may have problems with reading and indexing the page. The solution here is the use of SSR, a method of rendering content on the server side, which ensures that HTML content is easily accessible for modern search engine robots.

What will you gain by choosing our support in creating PWA?

If you decide on progressive web apps you will receive from us:

1) Advice at the planning stage,

2) Work schedule and hourly quotation,

3) Warranty,

4) Attractive offer for maintenance and improvement of the service after implementation.

Write to us if you want to create PWA for your online store.

Are you considering implementing PWA in your store?

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