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We implement Pimcore
product information management system

Thanks to Pimcore, you will manage product descriptions, photos and attributes more efficiently

The Pimcore system will allow you to collect all technical and marketing information about your products in one place.

Its implementation saves the time needed to add products or edit them in all your sales channels.

Pimcore implementation

What is Pimcore?

Pimcore is an open source PIM (Product Information Management) tool for product database management. It allows you to build a central database of all information about the products you sell, including descriptions, features, technical information and photos. Implementation of Pimcore in your company will improve the work of your employees by reducing the time needed to manage the product database.

When do you need a PIM system?

You have an extensive range of products

… and problems with managing product information across multiple spreadsheets

You work with many sources of information

… and you want to have a complete product description in one place

You use multiple sales channels

… and it takes you too long to edit the content for each one

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Tired of endless spreadsheets with product information? Write to us and we will tell you how to use PIM in your company!


What are the advantages of PIM?

Easier channel management

-determine the most important sales channels
- quickly catalog products and move between channels
- select the information you want to present in each channel

All information in one place

-edit and organize information from multiple channels
-easily manage the flow of product information
-see who edited the product and what changes have been made

Information control

-easily add technical or factual information to products
-create information in multiple languages
-check how many products have incomplete descriptions

Integrations with many systems

-gather data from multiple systems, e.g. ERP or supplier databases
-easily integrate PIM with an online store or mobile application
-deliver information to the right channel faster

PIM system in B2B – why is it worth implementing?

Complete product information influences purchasing decisions of your customers. Therefore, you should provide customers with the best possible experience while browsing your offer. It is worth remembering about three key elements:

  • detailed product information – apart from sales data (prices, discounts, stock levels or delivery options), the product card should also contain product features (e.g. material, color, weight, measurements), as well as marketing data, i.e. description, photos, films and animations,
  • easy navigation between products – facilitating the search of products by adding them to the appropriate categories, applying filters, etc.,
  • easy purchasing process – quick access to the shopping cart, simple finalization, that is, everything that B2B customers know from classic online stores.

Types of PIM systems:

Product information management systems can be divided into 2 main categories:

  • SaaS (software as a service) – it is cloud software available on the provider’s server. Users can access it via the Internet,
  • Open source – open source software with almost unlimited code modification options. This allows you to adapt the PIM system to the needs of your business. Pimcore belongs to this group.

PIM class systems are based on the Symfony framework and use API, which is a special interface for communication between different devices and the exchange of key information between them. Thanks to this, their implementation in e-commerce is much easier. An additional advantage of Pimcore is an intuitive interface that allows you to easily create a consistent database of information about products for all sales channels.

What affects the cost of PIM system implementation?

The total cost of implementing a PIM system depends on many different factors, including processes taking place in a given business in the area of product data digitalization. What we mean here:

  • preparation of the product photos,
  • creating descriptions and product names,
  • text translations,
  • determining the availability of distribution channels,
  • the quantity of products in the base,
  • size of the database to be imported.

The implementation of Pimcore is a time-consuming task, but the investment in this solution will quickly pay off in the future. The PIM system significantly reduces the time needed to manage product information, increases employee productivity and improves the purchasing process, which in turn translates into increased turnover.

Let's talk about implementing Pimcore in your e-commerce.

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