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support for your store

We will provide professional Magento support for your store

Proper maintenance and support for your online store is important, especially during sales peaks, when traffic in your store is increasing or when you have to face a system failure that needs to be repaired immediately.

Our team of developers guarantees that your Magento store will be under constant supervision. We will take care of your customers’ comfort and safety so that they will be happy to come back to you for further purchases. Thanks to the SLA, you will receive a guarantee of high-quality services.

utrzymanie sklepów magento

How will we provide support for your Magento store?

Caring for safety

We will protect your store from hacker attacks, secure it in case of failure and take care of safe storage of sensitive data.

Emergency support

We will ensure the continuity of your store. Failures and system errors will be removed on an ongoing basis. Updates will be performed by experienced developers.

Weekend assistance

If you are planning weekend sales or other promotional activities on your days off we are able to provide you with care during this time. As a result, you will receive a trouble-free operation of your store.

Server support

We make sure that the server environment is stable and failure-free. The installation of new mechanisms cannot negatively affect the operation of the store.

We are certified Magento experts

magento maintenance
magento maintenance
magento maintenance

We successfully support Magento-based stores of our customers
See case studies below:

Logo Libet

Magento store support in a manufacturing company

As part of technical support, we provide services for Libet’s e-shop at e-otoczenie.pl.


Magento store maintenance for YES

In cooperation with YES we provide services in the area of maintenance and support of the yes.pl online store and its other language versions.


Technical support of the Koszulkowo online store

We provide support for the Koszulkowo.com store and make sure that it runs smoothly and allows for proper placing of orders by the customers.

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Maintenance of a Magento store causes problems?
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Magento support
step by step

Task descriptions

Each task is thoroughly discussed with the customer. Then we create a description of the task and its acceptance criteria. We determine what effects the task will bring, and wait for the approval for its implementation.

Safe programming

We start programming work in the local development environment. This means that we store website files locally (on your computer) and not externally (e.g. on the servers of the hosting company). We clean databases off sensitive data so that the entire process is completely safe. We test the completed task, and then send it for implementation.

Code and task logic verification

Each task is checked by the most experienced developer in the project. The readability, standardization of the code, and the logic of the task is tested. Then the task is sent to a test server.

Staging server

Now it’s time to update your environment with the newly completed tasks. We publish tasks in a staging environment, where we put them to further tests before sending their status to our client.

Quality Assurance Testing

At the last stage, we perform the tests manually. Our QA engineers test new updates, functions and mechanisms based on acceptance criteria that must be met. In addition, we document the operation of the task with screenshots, and videos showing the operation of mechanism.

Submitting the report

We will prepare for you a report on the course of the tasks, describing their individual stages. We will inform you about any errors encountered, and solutions that we have implemented.

Presentation of the task to the customer

The client checks whether the task meets the acceptance criteria. The engineer from the Project Management Department sends the necessary information in the helpdesk system. When the task meets the criteria, we implement it within the set deadline.

Task implementation

We set with the client a recurring date for the implementation of tasks. Publications take place weekly or at longer intervals. After implementation we test the task in your store again.

What is SLA?

The SLA (Service Level Agreement) is a type of agreement which ensures the maintenance and systematic improvement of the service quality level agreed between the client and the service provider. The aim is to support and maintain your store to ensure continuity and high quality of its operation.

What services are part of the SLA?

  • You can report errors in the store through HelpDesk (a dedicated system used for registration of trouble tickets and support).
  • You will have access to experts at the given time.
  • We will make an appointment with you for a regular consultations.
  • We will monitor the store (we supervise the functioning of the store, and provide statistics for you).

What to keep in mind when concluding SLA:

You should remember about three parameters: response time, workaround time and repair time.
Response time lasts from the moment of reporting a bug to the confirmation of registration in the ticket system (HelpDesk). The workaround time is the time needed to restore system operation, even though the cause of the failure has not been removed. The repair time lasts from the error notification (trouble ticket) to the restoration of business continuity.

Temporary solution (WORKAROUND)
Workaround means restoring the correct operation of your store but it is not a complete elimination of the error cause. Thus, the error may reappear. We reach for the Workaround solution, for instance, during the system failure, when we need short repair time. Complete elimination of the error cause usually requires implementation of a new system version, which takes more time. However, this solution provides a longer period of proper functioning of your store.

Magento store support

Maintaining the Magento online store is a real challenge. Magento is a type of open-source software for an online store. As a result, it offers a wide range of possibilities. Magento is equipped with powerful tools for reporting, analysis, product management, mobile version, payment system, and the ability to run several stores within one system.

Unfortunately, the above facilities make it difficult to use this software. That is why our team of developers will be on the spot to solve any disturbances affecting the full functionality of your store. Thanks to regular security tests, ux audits, and checking the most common purchase paths, errors will be quickly identified and fixed, which will increase orders.

Do you need professional Magento support?

Feel free to contact me, we will discuss together how to develop your business.
Tell me about your business.

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