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Security audit

We will verify the security level of your Magento store

Competition on the e-commerce market is constantly growing. That’s why you need constant improvements and control over your Magento store, especially in case of safety rules in the business. An e-commerce security audit will allow you to eliminate any security errors in your online store.

We will examine whether your Magento store contains the appropriate technologies and procedures in accordance with the applicable regulations. We will make sure that your customers’ purchasing process is fully secure. Each online store is different, however, thanks to our experience, we offer an individual approach in conducting a comprehensive security audit for Magento.

Security audit

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E-commerce security audit step by step

1. Defining the initial state

This means analysing how all the security features used in your Magento store currently work.

2. Benchmarking

It is a comparative analysis of the practices used by your e-shop with those used in other e-shops that are best in your field.

3. Defining the final state

That is, preparation of a target plan; what should the security and safety procedures in your store look like?

4. Creating a roadmap

That is, preparation of a document describing the final recommendations which implementation will improve security procedures in your store.

How we conduct
an e-commerce security audit:

SSL certificate

We check if the SSL protocol in your store is active. It is the basis of every online store, because it protects all customers data collected on the server.

External links control

We will investigate whether the external links on your store’s website are safe and lead to active sites.

Proper functioning of redirections

We will indicate where any errors about a non-existent website in your store appear. Thanks to the analysis we will determine which URL redirections are set incorrectly.

Payment security

We will check the level of security between the store and payment gateways to eliminate the risk of unauthorized transactions.

Law and regulations

We will analyze whether the store’s regulations and the GDPR comply with the law in your country.

CMS analysis

We will check whether the division of duties in your content management system (CMS) is correct, whether the password difficulty settings are appropriate and whether the rules for controlling access to the system are correctly set.

Hacker attacks

We will assess the extent to which your store is vulnerable to hacking attacks and suggest solutions to protect your e-commerce from them.

What threatens your ecommerce?

We present a list of the most common types of hacker attacks on online stores and ways to protect yourself from them.

What is ransomware and how to protect yourself from it?

Ransomware attacks – ransomware is a kind of malicious software that causes lack of access to all data stored in your Magento store. Usually, the hacker responsible for ransomware demands a ransom to restore the proper functioning of your online store.

To protect yourself from ransomware attacks, you need good antivirus software and a system backup that will take very little time to restore. An online store security audit will help you to customize the best tools to protect your e-commerce.  In addition, you can also invest in UTM hardware, a multifunctional firewall in one device.

What is phishing and how to prevent it?

Phishing – a method of fraud that impersonates a given company in order to obtain confidential information from customers. The fraudster can create a copy of your Magento store and pretend to be its owner, thus gaining access to customer passwords and logins. Or, customers can purchase from a copy of your e-commerce site and not receive your products. Of course, such a situation causes dissatisfaction among customers which results in negative comments that damage your reputation.

How to prevent phishing attacks? The key solution is to have an SSL certificate that secures your customers’ data. SSL is a proof that the website belongs to your company. Inform in visible places that your Magento store has an SSL certificate. Such a message will positively influence the credibility of your company.

Phishing attacks often take place via e-mail. The customer receives an e-mail with a request to disclose personal information. Inform customers not to open suspicious messages and to pay attention to the address of the domain from which the email was sent.

An SSL certificate will also bring many other benefits to your Magento.
– better positioning of the store in the Google search engine,
– safe website status
– higher conversion rate
– the ability to use Google Shopping Ads. It is a form of advertising intended for online stores. The customer enters the product in the search engine and then boxes with products, prices and the name of your Magento store are displayed.

DDoS Attacks – how to protect your store?

DDoS attacks (distributed denial of service). It is a hacking attack causing partial or complete lack of access to your Magento website. The effect of such an attack is similar to the effect of the above-mentioned ransomware – your store’s website stops working. However, in case of DDoS, the attacker does not demand a ransom for restoring the website to work. Its aim is to destroy or diminish the credibility of your online store.

In order to protect yourself from DDoS, first of all monitor the traffic of the internet store. DDos attacks often cause that the store’s traffic intensity increases rapidly, possibly leading to overloading the website, which in turn causes the website to stop working. If you know the traffic levels in your Magento, early detection of DDos will not be a problem for you. You can also use CDN. This is a service that makes the buyer connect to the server that is closest to his geographical location. In this way, your Magento has several servers, which will disperse traffic during a possible attack.

Remember to conduct a security audit in your e-shop. It will provide comprehensive protection for both customers and store owners.

Write to us if you are worried that your e-commerce is not properly secured.

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