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Effective B2B sales 24 hours a day

Provide your customers with a self-service sales platform

B2B business is different from B2C business. Here the purchase decision depends on more than one person. The product or service for sale is of a high value. Therefore, B2B customers need an individual approach and solutions that facilitate their purchasing decision.

By providing your customers with a self-service sales platform, you will allow them to make wholesale purchases 24 hours a day. Magento B2B will also make your work easier thanks to the integration with commercial programs, automatically downloading stocks, product price lists, orders or customer data.


Together we will create B2B system for your e-commerce

What do we offer?

Effective B2B sales 24h a day

By providing a self-service sales platform, your customers will be able to shop at any time, day or night. Your online store will be under constant supervision.

Full automation of order acceptance from business customers

Automation will allow for quick handling of wholesale orders and integration with commercial programs by automatically downloading stock levels or product price lists.

Providing contractors with always up-to-date information

Your platform will be able to store the entire history of orders and purchasing processes, as well as all payment information.

Personalisation of content presented to customers

B2B customers are particularly demanding, that is why we take care of individual approach to the needs of a given customer.

Automatic data exchange of B2B platform with ERP system, trade and warehouse programs and others

Thanks to automation, all data will be in one place, where you need it.

Intuitive interface

We will make your store easy to use and at the same time offer you useful and practical functions.

Why is Magento the perfect platform for B2B sales?

B2B business can be developed on many platforms. We recommend Magento because it is a platform with almost unlimited possibilities. Therefore, we present the reasons why it is worth to decide on a B2B business with Magento:

B2B system configuration for the customer

Magento has almost unlimited possibilities to adapt the B2B platform to individual customer needs. The openness of the code allows for any modifications  depending on market needs. Magento has also functionalities useful not only in the B2B sector but also in B2C. These include: displaying the listings of products in the grid view, setting the parameters by which you can sort the products e.g. by name or configuring  filtering for each product category.


This functionality is particularly important if we want to enter a foreign market. Language versions of the B2B system function on separate language domains. Thus, switching to e.g. Russian will also change the target domain with the language.

Warehouse and stock level

Good organization and digitalization of goods in warehouse is crucial. In B2B systems the number of products in stock often exceeds one million. The system has a built-in main warehouse on which the availability of the product is stored. After selling, the stock is reduced by the number of goods sold. An additional function is also the display of products even with zero stock (stock -1). Although the product is not available and cannot be purchased, the customer can still find product information. The product has all the parameters (description, attributes) visible. Below we show related products that may encourage the customer to purchase.

Integration with external systems

Magento can be seamlessly integrated with ERP systems that store all customer and product data. Such integration ensures a constant and fast flow of information between the B2B platform and the company system. Magento also has a very powerful API, i.e. a set of rules that enables the application to communicate with each other. This allows you to integrate other systems in your company, such as PIM, CRM or marketing automation.

Price configuration

In the B2B industry each company and customer has different needs. Therefore, individual price lists allow you to adjust to the requirements of the buyer. Each user can have their own product price assigned, regardless of the price set in the system. If the customer does not have a price assigned, the retail price (the price defined in the product) is displayed. In case of a price change, the price that was displayed next to the product at the time of order is valid.

Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce is a paid, ready-made version of the platform designed for large B2B businesses. The platform in the Commerce version provides functionalities such as price negotiations, sales promotions planning, quick orders or trade credit. It is also a great option for companies that are growing fast and need support.

In conclusion, Magento can be an excellent choice for B2B business. Both free and paid version provides many opportunities that you can use to grow your business. Undoubtedly, this platform will give you the ability to react quickly to changes, adapt to the market and stay ahead of the competition.

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