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UX Audit
of your Magento store

We will conduct a UX audit of Magento store to improve and make it user-friendly for your customers

We support the creation of stores that meet both conditions for a successful platform: they look good and deliver value to customers. By conducting UX audits, we implement improvements that increase online sales. Contact us if your store is selling below your expectations. We will suggest solutions that significantly increase your turnover.

We have gained experience by operating the largest e-commerce platforms. With our knowledge and skills we can support you, so that your store is perfectly customized (UX) and your position among the competition is strengthened. The details about UX can be found below.

security audit

We will conduct a UX audit of your store on the basis of a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Benefits of a well-designed UX:

Increase in conversion rate

If the store's website is well organized, making purchases becomes faster and easier for customers.

Customer loyalty

Convenient shopping process is one of the reasons why customers will recommend you.

User-friendly platform

A good UX design will make your store easy and convenient in use.

Credibility of your store

Clear presentation of products and attractive graphic design of the store contribute to the credibility of your company.

Improve your shopping cart in your store with a UX audit
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Case study - Kubota

See how, during the cooperation with Kubota brand, we increased the conversion rate in the seller’s online store almost 3 times.

Kubota listing produktów na sklepie

UX audit of your store
step by step

Home page

The homepage is the business card of every e-shop, therefore its optimization is crucial. We will indicate the unique values of your store and improve the product search engine. We can check which elements need to be improved so that your store reflects your vision and stands out from the competition.

Product Listing

We will create solutions that make it easier for your customers to find particular products in the store. We will improve the operation of filters and navigation between them, and provide advice that will improve the readability of the site.

Product card

We will give you tips on how to place the product on the site, which will translate into increased conversions in your store. We will explain what a clear CTA is about, i.e. an effective way to encourage customers to buy.

Shopping cart

We will suggest changes to your shopping cart in order to encourage customers to complete the purchase. We will suggest what functions it should be equipped with so that it is attractive and practical in use.


We will check if the checkout page in your store is readable so as to reduce any doubts when finalizing the purchase. We will indicate what should be done to ensure that the final phase of the purchase contains clear information.

Final recommendations

After a thorough analysis of the above mentioned sections in your store we will prepare a document in the form of a list of detailed recommendations for implementation.

UX – what does it mean?

In the world of e-commerce we often come across the abbreviation UX. Usually it rings a bell, however there are few people who can give an exact definition of user experience. Therefore, we provide the explanation of this abbreviation below:

Ux stands for user experience. It has an emotional aspect because it is related to the impressions the client has when using our services. The aim of UX is to increase customer satisfaction by improving the functionality and usability of the store, providing an easy-to-use ordering process, and ensuring a “pleasant” interaction between the customer and the product. As we known, customer satisfaction is the most important thing for any service provider, because happy customers stay for longer. Conequently, it is very important to care for user experience, because it results in creating a group of loyal customers.

Certainly, user experience is a vital part of the e-commerce industry. Above all, the level of your customer’s satisfaction translates into the amount of sales. That is why it is so important for the company to offer user experience-related services.

UX audit of an online store – what will you get?

  • A thorough analysis, which will indicate the strengths and weaknesses of your online store.
  • Information about errors that appear on your website
  • Knowledge how to eliminate the errors found
  • You will be able to customize the site to your customers’ needs
  • The conversion rate in your e-shop will increase.

Write to us and we will conduct a UX audit of your Magento store.

Do you need UX audit in your e-commerce?

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