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How do PIM systems boost e-commerce sales?

PIM systems are only just gaining popularity in Poland. In the West, however, they are a part of online store implementation. Why? It may be due to the fact that their functionality directly translates into sales support. In what way? We write about it in the following entry.

PIM implementation in e-commerce – how does it improve online sales?

As you know from our previous article, a PIM system streamlines the management of any product information you have. So we can assume that it’s primary job is to keep your product descriptions and images in order.

However, this seemingly trivial function has a significant impact on many other sales development situations. Here are a few, in our opinion, the most important ones from the perspective of an E-commerce Manager.

Better product information in your store

High quality of descriptions, complete parameters, a large number of photos and additional multimedia files – all this from the point of view of the online store customer is a key factor determining the purchase. Thanks to complete information, the customer is able to get to know the product, which he cannot see in person, find out everything important about it and then add it to the shopping cart.

The PIM system supports you in managing all product information, so with its help you are able to constantly improve the quality of data on product pages. This makes your store perceived as a professional retailer with extensive product knowledge. And this is what brings in not only new customers encouraged by good reviews, but also returning customers who received a good shopping experience previously and entrusted you with their money again.

Reducing the number of returns

Did you know that a bad picture and inaccurate product description are one of the main reasons for returns? This is the case not only in the clothing industry (e.g. by incorrectly described sizes), but also in stores dealing with a completely different assortment.

For example, a customer may return a product, because the color in the live image differs significantly from the one in the picture. Or a gadget purchased by him in reality does not have the option included in the description in your store.

Taking care of high quality product information will provide you with a definite drop in returns, which in turn will reduce the costs associated with their handling. Thanks to the PIM system you will be able to do it more efficiently than manually editing each product separately. And every change will appear immediately in all sales channels.

Greater employee efficiency

Having less returns is one aspect that saves both your time and the time of your employees. The other is the complete information on the product page, thanks to which you do not have to answer numerous questions from prospective customers about the parameters of the items they have chosen.

By implementing the PIM system and taking care of the quality of descriptions, you can be sure that your store’s staff will gain valuable hours which they would have to spend on tedious corrections of the content manually. The saved time can be spent on more important tasks: better customer service, faster response time to key messages, improved shipment processing. This contributes greatly to building a professional brand for the store

Faster product launch in other sales channels

You have 1000 products in your store. How much time do you need to spend to display them in another sales channel? What do you have to do? Prepare new descriptions? Choose appropriate images? Create a list of parameters required by a given channel?

With the PIM system as the central database of product information, listing products in other places saves you a lot of valuable hours. Instead of searching for individual files in different folders, you will find all the necessary information directly in the PIM panel.

In addition, integration with various channels and the ability to choose which information should appear in them makes it possible to launch a full store offer e.g. on Allegro in a split second.

The advantage of such a situation is that you are already ahead of the competition and you reach potential customers with your offer faster.

Store SEO improvement

Is SEO in e-commerce important? In our opinion, it is one of the most important promotional elements. Constant optimization for keywords will allow you to appear higher in search results over time, and thus bring even more potential customers to your store.

How does the PIM system help in positioning? In a very simple way – thanks to a convenient admin panel you are able to assign keywords, title and description to each product, which will make Google search engine look better on the products you sell and display them above your competitors.

PIM implementation in your online store – what to keep in mind?

Implementing a PIM system is a good move for any business. By building a central repository of product information, you can manage it in a secure and efficient way.

PIM systems additionally support faster store development, streamline adding new products and have a positive impact on your website’s SEO.

When deciding to implement them, you must remember that it is best to do it with an experienced technology partner. A good e-commerce agency is what you are looking for. Thanks to them, the whole implementation process will go smoothly and you will be able to enjoy a new tool by which you will increase the effectiveness of your sales.

Do you have questions regarding PIM implementation? Sign up for a free consultation and I’ll do my best to answer them all.



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