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4 advantages of implementing PIM in your store

Internet users shopping online are much more likely to add items to their cart in a place where they have access to complete product information. Do you want this to happen in your store? Choose implementing a PIM system. In the article below, we show you 4 reasons why you should decide to take this step.

What do you get when you integrate your store with PIM?

PIM system (Product Information Management) is a tool that allows you to manage all the information related to the products you sell. This applies to descriptions, attributes, as well as photos and any additional materials (videos, presentations, instructions) for each of the items. Implementation of the system brings you many benefits. What are they? Below we describe four, in our opinion, the most important ones.

1. Central product database

Imagine that your store – knock on wood! – is hit by a serious crash causing loss of some data. Or the files with descriptions and product attributes are damaged. Or an employee responsible for editing content leaves and does not provide you with the effects of his work.

In each of the above situations, you have to reckon with the fact that you will lose access to part of the product information. PIM solves this problem by creating one central repository of all information about your entire offer.

Then neither server failure nor lack of access to files will be a problem anymore. Gathering all the necessary data in one place (and regularly backing it up, which we highly recommend) will provide you with a higher level of security and more convenient scaling of sales.

Why? Because one database of product information is easier to integrate with other tools and sales channels, which enables you to present your offer in new places much faster.

2. Higher quality of product information

Although a picture is a thousand words, it is through the words that prospective customers will learn everything they need about the products you offer. Taking care of high quality information should be a priority in such a situation.

The PIM system streamlines this process by collecting all data in one place, easy management and editing, and even integration with external databases (e.g. distributor’s database).

This makes working on descriptions much simpler and faster. Each change is also immediately visible in each selected sales channel.

What is more, complete product information combined with a unique description also has a great impact on SEO. As Google pays attention to the quality of content, the information prepared with PIM will better position your products on the web, and this will translate into more orders.

PIM is also perfect for managing the mentioned images. With its help, we can choose which product images are to be displayed in specific sales channels (e.g. different on Allegro, and different in the online store), so that the offer is even better suited to the place of its publication.

3. Bringing products to your offer faster

If you’ve ever had to introduce dozens of new products to your store’s offerings, you know that it costs a lot of work. The PIM system is able to help you with this task, i. a. thanks to the possibility of integrating it with external databases.

Thanks to this, you can, for example, download descriptions and attributes directly from the distributor in a few moments, edit them (remember about SEO!), and then publish the finished product on the store’s website.

In practice, this means that you are selling the latest products long before your competitors manage to introduce them to their stores.

4. More time for employees

The above-described benefits of having a PIM-type system largely relate to time savings, including your employees’ time. After the implementation and necessary training are completed, they will be able to place new products on the website much faster, and thus have more time for other store development activities.

I want to implement a PIM system in my store

Do the above benefits appeal to you? Wondering how to start the procedure of implementing a PIM system in your store? For starters, we invite you to read our article that illustrates which type of PIM is better for you: open source or SaaS.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us. We will gladly answer them and help you choose the best solution.


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