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Magento migration - how much does it cost?

If your online store uses Magento 1 software, you certainly know that big changes await you in the near future. On June 30, Adobe officially ended support for the lower version to focus on Magento 2 development. What should be done to make the “transition to Magento 2” project go smoothly? Therefore, it is worth considering whether Magento migration will become a necessity for your store. In today’s article, we show you how much such an undertaking will cost you.

Magento migration – when should you switch to Magento 2?

A faster migration to Magento 2 should be considered if you don’t have a Magento 1 expert to help you maintain the platform. Due to the fact that Adobe will no longer publish security patches, it is necessary to maintain Magento with a technology partner until the business justification for migration is made (however, this should be done within a period of no more than 3 years).

When deciding to maintain Magento 1, a good practice would be to upgrade to the highest available Magento version 1.9. In this way, you can connect your store to Magento LTS – an open Magento 1 project created by developers to extend the life of the platform. Professional advice on a system that no longer has support from the manufacturer is extremely important. Left without updates, it can bring business losses through bugs that appear in it. It is also more vulnerable to bot attacks and hackers aimed at stealing customer data and transaction information.

Leaving Magento at version 1 and not entrusting its maintenance to security professionals is a reckless solution with high business risks. Therefore, if you are postponing your migration decisions, you should ensure that you have the support of professionals. They will watch over the continuity and security of sales in your store until your software is updated.

The second important argument in favor of Magento 2 implementation is innovation. If you want to run a fair race with your competitors for consumer attention and sales results, the latest version of the software will be necessary. All the latest e-commerce support solutions will come with new patches. Improvements or optimizations also only apply to the latest version, so if you care about your business goals – you should be interested in migrating as soon as possible.

Are you wondering what Magento migration looks like? Read the article where we described the whole process.

How much will it cost you to migrate Magento 1 to 2. 

How much the final Magento migration will take depends on several factors. It depends on the size of the store, the amount of content, the number of modules in the store at present, and the availability of  these modules in Magento 2. In order to prepare a proper migration (so that it could ‘earn on itself’) it is necessary to assume at least 3 months of work in the e-commerce agency.  This will allow you to create a failure-free store version for production environment, that can be shared with buyers. However, keep in mind that the mentioned 3 months is the minimum time limit for the project team. Who is part of it?

If you want to implement a project in accordance with the latest standards you need a Project Manager. The Manager takes care of organizational matters, project documentation, and usually maintains contact with the client.

Apart from PM, the team should include at least 2 backend developers, a frontend developer who will take care of adjusting the graphic template to your needs, and finally – a tester. This person will be responsible for catching possible software bugs. 

Project estimation

In most cases the valuation of IT projects depends on the number of working hours. The market price for one man-hour is between 55-90 EUR net. 

With the experienced team mentioned above, the migration project takes about 3 months to complete. It is worth noting that it won’t be an all-ready, fully functional version of the store. The migrated store will need further improvements to show its full capabilities.

 A month of work, depending on the project, ranges from 800 to 900 working hours. If we take the version for 800 man-hours per month we get: 

  • monthly cost: 44 000 – 72 000 EUR net,
  • total project cost: 132 000 – 216 000 EUR net.

If we estimate the working time to be 900 man-hours per month, the cost of migrating a Magento 1 store to Magento 2 is:

  • monthly cost: 49 500 – 81 000 EUR net,
  • total project cost: 148 500 – 243 000 EUR net.

Remember that the amount is averaged for the whole team and assumes only 3 months of work. If at this point you know that you or your business is not ready to migrate – you can think about maintaining Magento 1.

Are you wondering how much it will cost to migrate your store to Magneto 2? Sign up for a free consultation and talk to our e-commerce experts.



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