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Online store support – why is it important?

21 July 2021by Krzysztof Abram

Online store support is one of the most important budget positions of large e-commerce businesses. What is it and why is it essential? We decided to answer these key questions from E-commerce Manager’s standpoint in the following article.

What is e-commerce support ?

Let’s start with the simplest question – what is e-commerce support? It’s a service provided by e-commerce agencies in order to provide technical support for a given store. The service gives you access to a team of experts who ensure the continuity of sales and the possibility of further development of your business.

E-commerce support works on a subscription basis – each month you pay a fixed fee for a package of hours that allows developers and service technicians to take care of your store, fix bugs, introduce new solutions, update modules, etc.

If you are interested in the cost of support, we encourage you to read the article “Magento pricing – what are the maintenance costs of the Magento store?”. There you will find specific information about current rates and hourly packages.

We also explain more about support in the article “Online store technical support – what does it consist of and why is it so important?”.

What does e-commerce support provide?

You already know what e-commerce support is. It is time to find out what advantages it brings.

From an E-commerce Manager’s standpoint, the most important thing to take care of is to maintain the continuity of sales. That is why a quick reaction to any bugs or failures is crucial and has a direct impact on the store’s performance.

With e-commerce support you are able to react much faster to any problems, because:

  • you get a response time warranty the service technician will start working on your request no later than after the time specified in the SLA,
  • you receive support from an experienced service technician instead of trying to solve the problem yourself (or hiring a random freelancer to do it), you hand it over to an experienced service technician, thanks to which the failure can be fixed much faster,
  • you are confident that your store maintains continuity of sales thanks to a fast reaction of an e-commerce agency, interruptions in sales caused by store bugs last as short as possible, and in this way you limit your losses,
  • you know at what stage each of your tickets is thanks to a special tool used in Gate-Software for managing the work of support department (Helpdesk), you can not only quickly report a problem. This tool also gives you an overview of the status of all your requests, as well as the ability to quickly contact the technician to provide additional information,
  • you get the possibility of store development a part of hours in the maintenance package can be used for store development. A team of certified experts will take care of it. They will, i. a. update modules and the Magento platform, install new modules, correct the functioning of the website, optimize SEO or build dedicated functions from scratch,
  • you have time for strategic, long-term actions handing over the responsibility for the technical part of the business to an e-commerce agency gives you more time to prepare a long-term strategy that allows you to constantly scale your profits.

How to find an agency that will take care of your store?

E-commerce support is like tennis doubles – to win you need a good partner. In this case, a technology partner – an e-commerce agency that has the appropriate background and experience in maintaining stores on the Magento platform. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your sales will not be disturbed and your store will be able to develop through new sales channels, features and optimization activities.

If you want more information about e-commerce support, feel free to contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions and provide your business with the best technical support.

All of this in order to help you achieve your business goals without any obstacles.



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