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Online store technical support - what should it look like?

23 December 2020by Krzysztof Abram

An operating and selling e-commerce business consists of many smaller elements. One of the most important is undoubtedly the proper technical support of the store, which ensures stability of operation and quick help in case of any failures. What is technical support and what does it include? We share this information in the following article.

Why do I need technical support for my store?

We are sure that if there were studies dedicated to E-commerce Managers, you would learn the most important rule when it comes to online stores from the very first lecture. It would be: “The continuity of sales must be maintained!” It is an undeniable basis for e-commerce operations. A store that makes a profit operates 24/7. And if there is any failure, it is quickly repaired by experienced professionals.

Therefore, technical Magento support is one of the key elements you need to pay attention to when developing your e-commerce business strategy. An investment in building brand awareness, expanding the product offer, optimizing advertising campaigns or discounts – all this does not matter when no one is able to place an order on your website.

Of course, at this point we can ask ourselves another question: “who should take care of the maintenance of my store? Is this to be done by an e-commerce agency? Not necessarily. You can do it yourself, as long as you have the right knowledge and the time needed to monitor the store and fix the bugs.

You can also hire an expert who will take care of the store on your behalf. However, such a specialist will be available only during his working hours (not counting vacations, sick leave, etc.), so if a store failure occurs outside of his office hours, the response and repair time may be significantly extended.

In case you don’t have extra hours and can’t afford to hire a technical department, the most sensible solution is to choose a good e-commerce agency.

Technical support for the store – what does it look like when it comes to e-commerce agency?

The e-commerce agency provides technical support for the store through a maintenance agreement. It is a special agreement concluded between the store and the agency, which specifies, among others:

  • number of hours each month dedicated to work on your store,
  • hourly rate for programming work and QA department tests,
  • response time (SLA), i.e. the amount of time from the moment you report a bug to the moment when an e-commerce agency confirms the start of work on its removal.

As part of the maintenance contract, the e-commerce agency takes a number of actions to secure the continuity of store sales. These are:

  • taking care of store security, i.e. protection against hacker attacks, theft of sensitive data, etc.,
  • repairing bugs and failures that make it difficult or impossible to conduct sales in the online store,
  • taking care of the high quality of the store’s operation throughout the week, also at weekends and during periods of increased Internet traffic on the website,
  • server support for configuring and updating applications running on the store’s server

However, the technical service of the store does not stop there. Maintaining sales continuity is one thing, but if you want to develop your store, as a good eCommerce Manager you have to invest in new solutions as well.

The e-commerce agency is also able to help you in this regard.

Under the maintenance agreement you get the possibility to order tasks consisting of modifying the graphic template, adding modules or creating new features that make it easier for users to make orders.
We encourage you to read one of the previous articles on how to delegate tasks to an e-commerce agency.

Online store technical support– how to find a reliable agency

The technical support for your online store will be as good as the e-commerce agency responsible for it. Information about how to choose it can be found on our blog, below we remind you some of the most important points.

A good e-commerce agency should:

  • have an experienced, certified team specializing in the technologies used in your store (we specialize in Magento 1/2),
  • have ready-made projects in similar industries to the one in which your store operates,
  • offer a comprehensive range of services, thanks to which it will be able to take care not only of the programming part
  • provide store’s operation, but it will also support you in UX issues and e-commerce advice,
  • have a Quality Assurance team, which is responsible for testing the introduced changes in the store.

Choosing an appropriate e-commerce agency as a technology partner will ensure your store is properly protected against random events and the possibility of development with the support of experienced developers.

Are you looking for a good agency for technical support on your store? See what we can do for you.
Make an appointment for a free, non-binding consultation and help us solve your problems.



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