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How to run a store on Magento 1 up to 5 next years?

11 December 2021by Krzysztof Abram

Although Magento 1 is not officially supported by Adobe since June 2020, many stores are still using this platform. So the question is, should we start planning to migrate to Magento 2 now or we are still able to maintain this platform for a few years?

Magento 1 – migrate or stay?

Migrating to Magento 2 is a process that, at asome point in an e-commerce business development, should become a priority. The most difficult task for an E-commerce Manager, however, is to determine when this need actually arises. Is this now or can it be delayed for 3-5 years?


Magento migration – how much does it cost?


Even though Magento 1 is no longer officially supported by Adobe, there are still plenty of stores around the world using this platform. Data from W3Techs shows that there are currently about 250,000 Magento-based stores worldwide, with only 11,000 of them running on Magento 2. This means that the vast majority of online stores are still using the previous version of the system and… surprisingly, doing really well with it.

The above statistics indicate that Magento 1 can still surprise you and it’s a system on which you can build a large, fast and stable store. All you need is to let a good e-commerce agency take care of it in terms of technical support and maintenance.

There are currently about 250,000 Magento stores in the world, with only 11,000 running on Magento 2

Is it possible to maintain Magento 1?

If you want to stay on Magento 1, it is the proper support for your Magento store that is crucial for its regular growth. Lack of official security patches means that you have to take care of vulnerabilities and bug fixing that were not fixed by previous updates.

That is why the appropriate eksperts, who know this technology and are able to develop it on their own, will be at a premium. According to our requirements.

Here comes the question – what are we able to develop in Magento 1? As it turns out, many different things! Despite the passage of years, this platform allows us to interfere in many elements affecting the performance, security and visual layer of the store.

Responsiveness in Magento 1

We would like to inform those who say that Magento 1 is limited and does not support responsiveness – you are wrong! The platform handles the current standards of responsiveness without any problems and after plugging in appropriate libraries we are able to create a site that will look great not only on a computer but also on a mobile device.

What’s more, despite its “archaic” nature, Magento 1 is still very efficient, and thus, properly optimized system is able to achieve really good results in speed tests.

PHP in Magento 1

As experience shows, PHP in Magento 1 can be upgraded to version 7.4 or even 8.0! What are the advantages of this? Firstly, we gain a higher level of security by removing vulnerabilities found in previous versions of the code. Secondly, we speed up the operation of the store, which results in higher conversion. Thirdly, the latest version of PHP is also a specific support for positioning, which in turn causes that the link to our store will be displayed in front of the competition.

Magento 1 and PWA

Magento 1 also works perfectly with PWA technology. If we dream of a refreshed store design that will look great on every possible device (and at the same time bring with it many other advantages of Progressive Web Apps), we are able to implement this solution in our business without the need for a expensive migration to Magento 2.

Magento 1: how much time do we have?

Initial estimates provided by our e-commerce experts show that Magento 1, despite the lack of official support, is still an attractive platform offering a wide range of development possibilities.


Magento 1 with proper support is able to work efficiently for another 3-5 years

While we don’t recommend this version as a starter (if you’re thinking about implementing Magento, it’s best to do it already on the current version of the software), having a store on Magento 1 doesn’t mean you have to reserve a budget for migration.


How much does a store on Magento cost? Find out what budget you need to start selling online on Magento!


Magento 1 with proper support is able to work effectively for the next 3-5 years. During this time, with an experienced e-commerce agency, you are able to continue securing this platform, as well as implementing new solutions to accelerate growth and achieve even better sales results.

If you have a store on Magento 1, we encourage you to contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions and show you the possibilities that your e-commerce platform still has.


Do you have questions about Magento 1 development? Get a free consultation. Click on the link below and make an appointment to speak with our expert.



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