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PWA – what is it and what can it do for e-commerce?

15 January 2021by Krzysztof Abram

The e-commerce market is very receptive when it comes to modern technologies. Following the trends and needs of recipients it creates more and more interesting solutions to improve shopping experience. One of such solutions is PWA, the technology that currently constitutes one of the best ways for the development of online shopping.

What is a PWA?

PWA stands for Progressive Web App. At first glance, it looks like a native application created for a specific  operating system. However, after a closer look you will come to the conclusion that it is a mobile version of the website prepared in such a way that it resembles as much as possible the app available on Google Play or AppStore. Unlike the app, you do not have to download the PWA from any store.

Why is PWA growing in popularity?

Sounds interesting, but why it is that PWA may become the future of e-commerce? If only because for a few years online stores has been noticing an increasing number of orders placed from mobile devices – tablets and smartphones. Such a situation makes a mobile application the next logical step in the development strategy for an ambitious e-commerce business.

Building an application costs a lot. Firstly, you have to create separate apps for each operating system. Secondly, in order to get them on your customers’ mobile devices you need to put them in dedicated stores. And finally, you have to remember about regular updates of each app in accordance with changes implemented in your desktop version of the store.

PWA enables to run your store on every operating system and device, which means that instead of building several separate applications, you only need to focus on one.

Thanks to it, your store will be displayed correctly both on a desktop, smartphone, tablet and any other device on which a customer will want to place an order.

But that’s not the end of PWA advantages. Along with responsiveness of progressive web apps comes another important benefit. It is the efficiency, thanks to which a store built on PWA will work fast, also offline. And without the need to run it in a browser.

All of the above sound encouraging but, it’s  time to answer to the following question: ‘Why should I implement PWA in my online store?’

Advantages of implementing Progressive Web Apps in online store

In our opinion, Progressive Web Apps are the future of e-commerce. Why do we think so? There are a few tangible benefits. These are i.a.:

  • big savings: instead of building multiple applications for different operating systems, you create one store that works everywhere. Additionally, you don’t incur the costs of introducing the app to Google Play or AppStore.
  • fast update: a single application within which your store operates means that you update it only, and the changes are immediately visible on each device. This, in turn, makes improvements even faster and increase your competitive advantage,
  • better SEO positioning: thanks to its structure and ability to operate on mobile devices, a PWA store has  better SEO optimization form the very beginning (remember, Google likes mobile a lot!). Add to this the speed of operation and you have a recipe for higher positioning than in the case of standard online store,
  • bigger website traffic: fast performance on mobile devices and desktops will make your store visited by more users, increasing the chance of sales,
  • greater convenience for users: as PWA  also works offline, even without Internet connection, the users can browse your offer and add products to the cart, and then complete the order online,
  • higher conversion: do you know how many people leave store websites due to errors and slow performance? Some research says that 1 unnecessary second page loading reduces potential profits by up to 7%! So by using a PWA, you will increase the conversion rate and, consequently, the store’s turnover will be higher.

The e-commerce market likes technical innovations. For this reason,  it also likes PWA. The possibilities of this technology cause that more and more e-commerce business start to implement it. 

Are you thinking of taking your online store to the next level? Progressive web apps are the answer.


Do you have more questions concerning PWA? Get a free consultation during which we will show you how this technology can improve the operation of your store.



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