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How much does a Magento store cost?

25 August 2021by Krzysztof Abram

Running your online store is an extremely exciting business, and as a result, more and more companies are getting into e-commerce as another channel of sales. Are you also thinking about selling online? Or maybe you already have a store and want to change its platform to a more efficient one? In the article below we describe how much a store on Magento costs, thanks to which you will get a stable and developing e-commerce system for many years.

How does Magento store implementation look like?

Implementing a Magento store is a task that cannot be done in a week. It is an investment that can last for months, especially if you want to create a store tailored exactly to your needs.

To do this, you need a good e-commerce agency whose experts will take all the hard work of setting up servers, installing Magento and adapting the system to your needs. Both in terms of the required functions and the design.

The entire process of implementing a store on Magento is included in a procedure consisting of five points, thanks to which you have a full overview of all the stages at which the process of launching your own place on the web is located. It is done as follows:

Pre-implementation analysis

Our agency begins cooperation with each client from the so-called pre-implementation analysis. This is the moment when we establish with you all the necessary elements of further collaboration. We will analyze the current situation of your business, the market you intend to enter, define the goals and key challenges that may stand in our way.

Preparing technical specification document

In the next step, we start working more technically. Our experts prepare a full specification of the server space, available ready-made modules for Magento or the neccessity to create your own from scratch.

Based on the previously defined objectives, we also select all technologies to support your business and ensure maximum possible uptime.

Proposing solutions

At the third stage you receive from us a proposal of solutions, which we discuss in detail with you. Many years of experience allows us to choose such technologies, which will have the most positive impact on the amount of sales in your store.
The moment when we discuss all the solutions is also the moment when you can introduce any possible amendments to the project plan.

Project schedule

The next step on the way to your store is creating a work schedule. It is based on the previously prepared analysis and includes the so-called milestones, task priorities and deadlines, when our agency commits to perform specific work.


The final stage of store implementation on Magento is the dedicated work of our developers and testers, who on the basis of the prepared (and accepted by you) specification will create a fully operational, ready to run store.

In accordance with the agreed milestones adopted in the project, we keep you informed about the status of the tasks, as well as any difficulties encountered during the implementation.

How much does a Magento store implementation cost?



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