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4 most common problems reducing B2B online sales

2 November 2020by Krzysztof Abram0

Magento is not only a B2C (business to consumer) store but also a dynamically developing B2B (business to business) system. According to Frost & Sullivan research, in 2020 the value of the B2B market will amount to 6.7 trillion USD globally. However, many requirements have to be met in order to be able to successively achieve the objectives related to the B2B platform. Below I will present the 4 most common problems that affect the company’s weaker performance in B2B online sales. I will also describe how Magento can contribute to solving these problems.

Choosing inapropriate software

An inadequate B2B platform can be a great threat to any company. It is very important that the software is adequate to the needs of the company. Bad adjustment of the platform may cause problems not only financial, but above all related to the operation and use of such a platform. Magento is characterized by an open code, which allows you to freely modify the store engine for your own needs. So we are able to develop the B2B platform as the company grows.

Lack of integration

A lot of companies fail because these companies do not integrate the B2B platform with other, but equally important, systems improving the company’s processes. We must be aware that the B2B platform alone is not sufficient for the smooth functioning of the company. It is very important to integrate data, e.g. regarding price, availability or product description. Manual transfer of such information is a very time-consuming activity, so it is worth considering integration with the warehouse and accounting system. The great advantage of the Magento platform is the almost unlimited possibility of integration with external systems. This allows not only to save a significant part of salespeople’s time, but also to improve sales processes in the company.

No response for the client’s requirements

Entrepreneurs must be aware that the needs and behavior of customers are constantly changing. The customer, through their many years of experience related primarily to the B2C platform, expects even more demanding standards from the B2B platform. Thanks to the B2B platform, customers have access to all necessary information 24 hours a day and can place orders quickly. Another advantage resulting from the use of such a platform is the possibility to review the history of own orders and settlements. It is also important that the customer using such a system can download an electronic invoice, which is undoubtedly very attractive for every user.

Lack of programmers developing the platform

Many companies complain that they cannot develop their platform due to lack of programmers. According to official data, there are as many as 1,500 Developers in the world who deal with the Magento platform. Moreover, in each country we can find many companies that implement B2B sales on the Magento platform, so each of the entrepreneurs can choose the implementer they want.
There are many forums on the Internet (including the official Magento website) where experienced programmers share their knowledge, giving valuable tips in case of any technical problems with the store operation. Such a solution makes programmers, or even beginners, able to deepen their knowledge and increase their skills.


The problems described above are only some of the challenges that entrepreneurs face in B2B online sales. The Magento platform responds to these problems and allows customers to significantly increase the company’s turnover thanks to the implementation and skillful use of the Magento system. What is important, such a platform allows to relieve sales employees from tedious procedures related to collecting the orders, calculating prices and discounts.

However, in order to make profits, entrepreneurs must understand that developing such a platform is a very important factor. Let us remember that every moment when we postpone the development of the B2B system may mean less customer satisfaction and perhaps loss of customers.

If you do not want to repeat these problems in your company and you are looking for a B2B platform that meets your requirements, write to us.



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