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Why is Magento perfect for B2B ecommerce platform ?

3 November 2020by Krzysztof Abram0

Many B2B ecommerce companies wishing to develop through online sales face a big dilemma. There are hundreds of different B2B sales solutions on the market, which at first glance do not differ in many factors, but when we go deeper, we will notice that the platforms are not equal. Today I would like to explain how the Magento platform fits in with the B2B ecommerce, through functions such as open code, scalability, numerous integrations and the availability of additional business licenses for the largest companies in the industry.

Magento enables innovations in B2B eCommerce

At the very beginning, we’ll deal with the characteristics of the Magento Open Source version (former Community). The biggest advantage of Magento for B2B is the openness of the platform code. If we compare many other solutions to B2B sales, we will see that the code in them is closed code. Magento is superior here, giving many teams and experts the opportunity to make a number of modifications in response to changes in the market or detected errors. Additionally, the openness of the code motivates many developers to create their own extensions and new features. Thanks to that there are already  thousands of different add-ons and extensions on Magento, which give ready-made functions needed in B2B sales. If needed, it is also easy to create dedicated modules when the ready-made ones cease to be efficient or no longer meet the company’s business objectives.

Magento scales very well

The openness of the platform itself is not the only advantage of Magento. The platform scales extremely well, which means that with the growth of our company it will be possible to expand the platform, whether by expanding its functions and optimization, upgrading to the Commerce (Enterprise) version or purchasing additional server infrastructure that guarantees fast operation.

Fast store operation

Speaking of the fast operation of the Magento itself, it should be noted that in addition to the scaling, it is possible to speed up the Magento and platforms built on it. In addition to the already mentioned server infrastructure, which will be constantly developed to maintain the fast operation of Magento, we can extend the application with the so-called cache mechanisms, which will speed up the loading of the platform, displaying the home page and reduce the load on the servers, even during the up and down season.

Integration with many systems

A huge advantage of the platform is the almost unlimited possibility of integration with external systems. The heart of B2B companies’ activity are ERP systems, which store all internal processes as well as customer and product data. We can efficiently integrate Magento with such systems, ensuring a constant and fast flow of information between the B2B platform and the company’s system. It should also be mentioned that the Magento API is very extensive and gives a wide range of possibilities for integrating other systems in the company, such as PIM, CRM or marketing automation.

Multisite function

One of the last advantages of Magento is the ability to quickly open up to foreign markets thanks to the multisite function. Many B2B companies want to scale towards foreign sales, but this is a stress for them due to the rigid framework and processes of the current platform, or the long time of opening a copy of the platform in another language. Magento has speeded up this process many times by introducing the multisite mechanism, giving companies the opportunity to create a copy of their platform in another language in just a few days. Everything is still managed from one administration panel, so all foreign markets are gathered in one place, which speeds up foreign sales. If after some time the multisite function ceases to work for the company, a separate Magento installation is opened for the selected market, giving our users an even better personalized experience with our company.

Magento developers are here to help you

The last advantage of Magento is the huge number of available programmers. The Magento community is about 150,000 experts and programmers from all over the world, so in each country we have even a few dozen companies from which we can choose one that will develop our B2B platform. That is why Magento is significantly ahead of many other B2B solutions that can be developed by one or several companies in a given country. When building a B2B platform based on Magento we do not have to worry that we will run out of experts or that we will be bound by a contract with one implementer for years.

Magento paid version prefect for B2B ecommerce 

It is also worth mentioning the paid version of Magento Commerce (formerly Enterprise), which is a product aimed at the largest B2B companies. Magento has noticed that B2B companies need features available immediately “out of the box” and it is to these companies that the ready-made B2B solution is addressed. The platform in the Commerce version provides such functions as price negotiations, promotional action planning, quick orders or trade credit. Magento Commerce version is also a great option for companies that start on the Open Source platform, but after some time they grow so much that they need additional business support and even more powerful sales engine. You can see that Magento adapts to the trends on the B2B market and reacts to them by introducing new products and new features that help sell better.


In conclusion, Magento can be the perfect choice for a B2B trading platform. Both in free and paid version, we get an agile platform ready to scale, expand and sell in many foreign markets. Such a great flexibility of the platform makes it an ideal product for companies wishing to grow. I know how competitive the B2B industry is, so I am convinced that implementing B2B platforms on Magento will give you the ability to react quickly to changes, adapt to the market in real time and stay ahead of the competition, which uses outdated and inefficient tools of Internet sales.

If you have additional questions about Magento in B2B, write to us.



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