Abandoned shopping carts are the nightmare of online store owners. More and more Poles are shopping online. The main reasons are convenience and price competitiveness, but even this process does not seem to be without problems. According to the latest research of the Baymard Institute, 68% of customers leave their shopping cart during the ordering process. This number is frightening, considering that 2/3 of customers who are literally a few clicks away from buying goods on your store suddenly give up. What can you do to reduce cart abandonment in your online store?

1st method: reduce additional costs (shipping costs, handling fees)

According to the Baymard Institute, 61% of customers drop their shopping cart when delivery costs are too high or if there are additional charges in the store. How can this be improved? Give customers several shipping options to choose from, from cheaper options with longer waiting periods to more expensive options with next business day delivery. Also add the possibility of free personal collection and free shipping from a certain amount. Then each customer will find a way of delivery suitable for them.

2nd method: enable customers to purchase without creating an account

As many as 35% of customers mentioned forcing them to open an account as a deterrent to placing an order. It is logical that customers choose to shop online for convenience, so why complicate the process? If the customer wants to buy a product quickly, do not force him to create an account, distracting him from the main goal – the purchase. Enter purchases in the store without registering, and you will surely see an increase in the number of orders. If you are worried that unregistered customers will never set up an account in your store, encourage them to do so – offer a one-time discount for creating an account, or a permanent discount for having an account and shopping again in the store.

3rd method: limit the amount of data when placing an order

Baymard Institute reports that 27% of cart abandonment occurs when customers have to provide too much data when placing an order. According to the institute’s research, a large number of customers are asking why they need to provide certain data, e.g. telephone number. If the store already has a customer’s e-mail, why do they need to provide a phone number? Enter a short explanation next to the data fields, then customers will know what their data is needed for the store. Additionally, if any information is not mandatory, inform about it immediately, marking the fields as mandatory or optional. The Institute estimates that introducing such simple descriptions will give you an advantage over about 60% of other online stores that require unnecessary data to deter their customers from buying.

4th method: inform the customer of the total order amount from the very beginning

In 24% of customers, the lack of visible information about the total amount of the order ends with abandoning the shopping cart. Inform the customer already on the homepage about the shipping costs he can expect when buying on the store. Later, after adding the first product to the shopping cart, display in a visible place the entire order amount divided into product and delivery costs. When the customer changes the shipping method or modifies the quantity of products from the shopping cart, make sure that the changes in quantity will immediately update the order price, which will be visible. Then the customer will immediately see how much he will pay, and will have no problems with interpreting the amount and completing the order.

5th method: constantly fix errors in the store

According to the Baymard Institute, every fifth customer leaves the site due to errors they encounter in the store. However, the problem of errors does not end with abandoned shopping carts. Customers lose confidence in the brand, think that the store has been hacked and simply never return to it again. Customers are extremely impatient when it comes to mistakes that prevent them from completing the purchase. That is why it is crucial to maintain a high standard of store code, frequent security tests and support a company that can quickly deal with the errors encountered. Entrusting the store to experts will ensure regular usability audits and checking the most frequent purchase paths. Thanks to this, errors will be quickly identified and repaired, and you will notice an increase in customer satisfaction and order volume.


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