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Cooperation with e-commerce agency - what happens to my task when it goes to the agency?

23 December 2020by Krzysztof Abram

Cooperation with an e-commerce agency is an important element contributing to the improvement of results in an online store. One of the elements of this cooperation is to commission the agency to perform specific programming tasks. You pass your requirements on to the agency and… you don’t really know what happens to them until it comes back with an answer. For this reason we decided to show you how the whole process of working on the task looks like in Gate-Software.

Cooperation with an eCommerce agency– how does the agency react to your request?

Do you have an idea for improving the operation of your store? Great, the agency is happy to implement it! However, before this happens, the idea goes through several necessary steps.

Step 0: task description

You are personally responsible for this step. Your goal is to clarify the task in such a way that the e-commerce agency has no problems with its correct interpretation. If you don’t know how to do this, we have included all the necessary information in the article below:
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Step 1: task explanation

Project Manager from the e-commerce agency arranges an interview with you, during which he asks for possible details, defines the implementation plan and the criteria for acceptance. During this conversation it is worthwhile to talk about the expected results, which will greatly facilitate the planning process and ensure the possibility of completing the task according to your intentions.

During the interview you will also determine the probable costs of the project and work schedule.

Step 2: programming work

Once all the details of the task have been established and the agency is given the green light for action, the stage of programming work begins.

It takes place in the so-called local environment – the developers create a copy of the store on their computers and work on it. In order to maintain the maximum level of security, the database is cleaned of any sensitive information.

Step 3: code and task logic verification

When the code is ready, its first verification takes place. It is done by the most experienced developer in the project. He examines whether the code meets the standards, is legible and written according to the task guidelines. In this step the first corrections are also made to remove the errors detected by the developer.

Step 4: staging environment

When the code passes the verification, the update is sent to staging (do not know what staging is? Check out our constantly expanding E-commerce Manager Glossary!). This is where the Quality Assurance team comes into action, whose task is to check if everything works as it should. If any discrepancies are detected, they are reported to the developers to be corrected as soon as possible.

A number of tests carried out by the QA department are aimed at eliminating any errors that might appear in the store. During the tests, the QA department checks not only the functionality of the update itself, but also its impact on the rest of the modules running in the store.

You will receive test results in the form of a report detailing all problems and repairs made at this stage.

Step 5: testing your store

When testers finish their work, you are given the opportunity to take a look at the new features on the test server yourself. At this stage, you can also submit your comments regarding the correctness of the task performed by the agency.

In the case of Gate-Software, you can comment through the Helpdesk system, which allows you to track the status of each report.

Step 6: task implementation

Moving to this step means that all previous ones were successful and the code update is ready for implementation.

The implementation in your store is supervised by a team of developers and QA department, who will verify its correctness on the production server directly after the deployment.

If everything is 100% compliant with the assumptions, the task is considered completed and you can enjoy the new feature in the store. You can plan the next ones, which will encourage users to place an order in your store even more effectively.

Transparent cooperation with an e-commerce agency is the key to success

Cooperation with an e-commerce agency has many advantages. It gives you access to experts, thanks to whom you can develop the store’s functionality. It provides security through constant technical support. Cooperation with such an agency allows you to comfortably develop sales through the possibility to consult with experts working for it.

Knowing the process through which your task goes, you know exactly how all the changes planned by you are implemented. Thanks to that you can more precisely control the schedule of work and the budget allocated for it.


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