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Customer Libet

Libet S.A is the leading manufacturer of paving stones in Poland. It has 15 production facilities across the country. The company has a very innovative approach to the ways of arrangement and functionality of the environment, it is a leader in design and a precursor of new technologies.

In cooperation with Gate-Software an e-otoczenie.pl online store was launched.

Initial situation

The main goal of the project was to launch it after taking over from the previous company. The project was at the development stage. Libet parted ways with the previous company and hired Gate-Software to complete the project, test it, and run a fully functional online store within 2-3 months. The priority for the company was to launch online sales as soon as possible for two reasons:

  • willingness to open a new channel for reaching the customer,
  • the first COVID-19 pandemic restrictions causing difficulties in retail stores.

Common objective

The main goal of this project was to start a fully functional online store, introduce improvements in an online ordering process for designers working for the company. Additional objectives: implementing a more effective model for calculating the cost of delivery for large products or mixed shipments as well as improving smaller elements of the website (UX changes, installation of additional plug-ins and also improvement of shipping cost-effectiveness).

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Selected elements of project implementation:

The scope of work with Libet included implementation of an online store as well as a number of improvements during the maintenance services. The most important parts of the project are:

  • online store implementation based on Magento platform,


  • creating a mechanism for calculating delivery costs based on customer location,
  • installing and configuring advanced e-commerce statistics for Google Analytics,
  • UX changes on product pages,


  • optimizing the speed of store’s website, 
  • designing and implementing a contact mechanism between the designer and the client in the store,
  • maintenance work to ensure the stability of store operations.

Effects of cooperation with Libet:

The effects of our cooperation with Libet include:

  • launching e-otoczenie.pl online store,
  • providing store employees with advanced e-commerce analytics,
  • improving indexing of all data (dropped from several hours to several seconds), 
  • new, transparent product page design,
  • facilitating the cooperation between the designer and the client thanks to the in-store communication system.

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