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Magento 2.3 - changes and improvements in the latest update from Adobe

29 September 2020

Dynamic changes in software from Adobe continue to surprise us. Magento 2 version is constantly being improved, and from update to update the manufacturer introduces many improvements for e-commerce. What is new in Magento 2.3 update? We have as many as 220 functional improvements and over 30 security changes.

Security changes in Magento 2.3 update:

  • Safer selling.

Changes in version 2.3 update concern closing the gap in cross-site scripting  (XSS) and modifications in vulnerability to arbitrary code execution (RCE).

This is an important improvement because the information about the customers of Magento-based online stores won’t be taken over and the functionalities available only to administrators won’t be accessed.

  • Improved product presentation.

Another major improvement is to advance the display of products in the shopping cart. Until Magento 2.3 was updated, the photos were often stretched and filled the whole area of the image space. Nowadays in the sidebar of the shopping cart the product picture is displayed in much better quality. Photos in e-commerce are crucial, therefore it is an extremely important update, leading to an increased conversion rate.

  • Easy and fast shopping. 

In the update 2.3 to Magento, the focus is on making the buying process easier at shopping cart level. When you add/delete products, the side shopping cart automatically updates, and the price also changes. Errors in the case of packaged products are also eliminated.

  • Increased efficiency.

The update introduced significant changes in store optimization and accelerated the operation of online stores on Magento. It has been known for a while that the loading time of the website has a huge impact on online shopping, in particular on the number of abandoned carts.

What affects performance increase in the update:

  • improved indexing of catalog rules
  • improved logic of customer data section invalidation (which allows to eliminate the problem with local storage)
  • optimized Redis performance
  • improved page caching
  • eliminated redundant requests, directed to the server on the catalog pages

At the end of June 2020, Adobe ended the Magento 1 support, releasing updates and security patches only to the latest version of its software.

To introduce the best e-commerce solutions, choose migration to Magento 2. You can also maintain Magento 1 with a guarantee of operation until your business is ready for online store migration.



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Client Service Director / CEO. He is convinced that a procedural approach to discussions of implementation, maintenance and development of e-commerce systems guarantees the success of cooperation. He is an economist in computer science by education. During his career path, he gained competence as a Linux and Windows Server systems administrator, programming in C++, PHP, project management based on Scrum, ITIL, Agile methodologies. In 2008 he opened a software company working mainly for foreign markets, to finally open an e-commerce agency in 2015. According to our clients - probably the best agency in maintaining and developing Magento e-commerce systems in Poland. He and his team help to increase sales in stores by providing a stable and secure environment of the e-commerce platform supplemented with the latest technological innovations. E-commerce he supports has generated more than 1 billion in revenue.


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