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Magento security - ensure that your store is safe during migration

19 October 2020by Krzysztof Abram

In June 2020, Adobe discontinued support for the Magento 1. Migration to the new Magento 2 version is a complex and time-consuming process, for which you should be well prepared. In order to do this properly, it is worth maintaining Magento store (the highest version possible with all security patches) until fully prepared for the migration. When deciding to implement a new version of the software later, it is worth ensuring Magento security.

Your business can’t stand still

You are surely aware that the most important thing in achieving success is the strategy of sales, development and growth.

Those who think seriously about development are constantly looking for new solutions without attaching themselves to one proven method. The situation can change dramatically from day to day. The service providers you use every day to do business on the web influence online business with their actions. They update their software, introduce changes, some of them can have positive and negative impact on the results.

The greatest challenge to date for e-business owners will be to change Magento 1 to a higher version.

What you should know about Magento 1 migration to version 2

From June 1, 2020, Magento 1 has limited support from the manufacturer. The change may be unnoticeable to you at first, but you can’t plan your business development on an outdated software version. 

It’s worth approaching the topic carefully, any oversight or pseudo-solution can be a threat to business liquidity, which translates into financial losses. So what should be kept in mind when planning migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

Data security 

This is primarily related to security issues that you need to take care of when running your online business. Some of the currently available software features will no longer be supported and updated. Failing to adhere to security rules may result in data or confidential information leakage. Therefore, prioritize their security. In the case of security, the smallest problem you may be a non-functioning feature in the e-shop. A website left without maintenance and specialist advice is consequently exposed to hacking attacks. Taking over the site, data leakage is not only a serious image crisis, but also financial losses that threaten business liquidity.

Cost of service

For all online business, the costs of running a business are not without significance. The costs of software migration are quite high, because there are still few certified experts on the market for the latest version. With time, the trend will reverse. There will be more experts on the market, which will bring the rates to a similar level.

Stability and speed of your store’s website

The website speed is one of the key elements for the customer making a purchase in the store, as well as  search engines. The pagespeed criterion is currently one of the most important criteria determining the display of a website in search results. On the one hand, while staying with Magento 1 it is worth making sure that the version is stable and contains security patches. Optimizing the software on your own is a big risk, which instead of helping you can seriously affect you. While maintaining, and especially migrating, you should go through the whole process with a suitable, experienced partner.

Is it worth migrating from Magento 1 to 2 right away?

It depends. You can prepare your store for migration by organizing it in advance. Getting rid of unnecessary functionalities will relieve the servers. 

Delaying the implementation of new software can also be a good time to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in e-business.

Conclusions and analysis from previous activities are important in business, but often overlooked due to lack of time. In order to start functioning on Magento 2 in the best possible way, you can take a moment to implement e-commerce changes. This is a good time for improvements.

If you still have an ERP system and intend to connect it to Magento, it should also run very carefully so there are no errors or downtime.

After reading the documentation and functionalities of the new verson, you can spend time on planning or business development. Without updating Magento 1 to Magento 2, the development of e-commerce will not be possible. The functions currently available on the platform will stop working over time. The transition phase will give you the time to analyze the risk and new solutions. This is your time to build a plan for development.


The technological background of Magento 1 is currently at a very high level. Therefore, it is worth keeping the stable version. The issue of migration should be approached very seriously and scrupulously. To maintain version 1 and to migrate, you should choose experienced experts. They should take into account not only technical correctness but also data security and your business plan.

Maintaining Magento store with us, you will receive an extended warranty for the operation of the platform. This is an advantage for you because you have an extended transition period to a higher version. The warranty also covers the implementation of the required functionality and failure-free operation of the store.
Without losing liquidity and business continuity, you can use this time to prepare thoroughly for the migration. Want to know more about the Magento security? Please contact us.




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