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How to save an abandoned cart on Magento store?

30 November 2020by Krzysztof Abram

An abandoned cart in online store is the real bane of every e-commerce seller. The number of potential purchases that do not end with the finalisation of a transaction can give a splitting headache. In today’s text we will consider what factors influence customers’ decisions and above all how to increase sales in our shop.

Why do customers abandon their shopping carts?

This is the basic question that we should answer. The problem is that there can be many reasons for this. Of course, the most obvious is the price. In the era of price comparison websites, it is very easy to find the same product in other stores and compare its cost. If our store loses to the competition in this field, we must take into account the possibility of losing the customer.

Another factor to mention is delivery. In terms of delivery, not only the amount of the costs of the order is very important, but also clear and transparent information about conditions and price variants. Otherwise, the customer may get the impression that we want to hide the costs from him. Of course this has a very negative impact on sales. According to Ship Caddie, as much as 95% of customers admit that the delivery costs influence their purchase decision. However, up to 36% of users abandon their shopping carts due to the  shipping fee.

We cannot forget about the payment methods. Customers must have a selection of the most popular payment options. Dotpay, PayU, PayPal or BLIK – having at least two of the mentioned methods is essential. It is also worth remembering about a more traditional solution – a transfer directly to our account. Thanks to the variety of methods, we gain credibility as a seller and give the feeling that our clients’ money is safe.

The complicated ordering process certainly has a negative impact on the finalization of orders. If the customer has to go through a dozen steps, during which it is necessary to fill in boxes and select various options – he will abandon the shopping cart and look for the product elsewhere. Another unnecessary thing is the need to create an account. Many people want to make a purchase as soon as possible or simply don’t want to register.

Conversion optimization on Magento

There are many factors negatively influencing the customer experience. If we want to maximise the efficiency of our shops, we should think about using the Magento platform. It offers simple and effective solutions, thanks to which we will quickly improve all deficiencies of our shops.

Magento allows us to freely design the shopping path. The software allows you to freely arrange all the steps of the order according to our needs – we are not limited in this respect. This allows us to create a simple and customized order procedure.

It is also worth mentioning the good practices available on Magento, which positively influence the conversion rate:

  • moving “Add to cart” button – a fixed button is very easy to lose, especially when shopping on the phone. Research shows that as much as 92% of retailers have reported positive effects of this simple solution!
  • showing the cost of the entire shopping cart – it is common practice to show the quantity of products in the shopping cart in the top right corner of the page, but it is also worthwhile to provide here information about the total cost of the order
  • automatic selection of the delivery option – choosing the basic delivery option definitely reduces the number of abandoned shopping carts.

Easy store management – product listing

What information must be included on the product card? The first key point is obviously the price. It should be visible at all times – even if the description is long and needs scrolling. If the device has different versions, they should be clearly marked, together with the cost highlighted. Another integral part of the product card is the thumbnail. The photos should of course be of appropriate quality and show the device in a favourable light. It is worth showing them during everyday use.

The name is the next piece of information that we have to take care of. The title, showing not only the model, but also the most important technical parameters makes it easy to find the desired product quickly. The last necessary information is user review – especially new customers often check the opinions of those who have already made a purchase. It is worth expanding the review section by adding photos and addvantages/disadvantages of the product, in addition to traditional review stars and a short comment. This definitely increases the credibility of opinions in the eyes of potential customers.

Every abandoned cart in your store counts

Saving abandoned shopping cart in our store is a constant fight. In order to optimize the conversion as much as possible, we need to improve our stores all the time. It is worth using Magento – with this platform, managing and improving our store is easier than ever.

If more and more customers leave an abandoned cart in your online store and you need help, write to us.



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