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E-commerce optimization - how to improve your online store

30 November 2020by Krzysztof Abram

Having an online store for more and more companies is becoming a necessity. It is related to the very dynamic development of online sales. This trend is also very visible in Poland – in 2020, the value of online purchases is expected to increase by over 30 percent. According to E-commerce Europe Organization, this will be the highest value in Europe. So how do you find yourself in such a competitive market? An e-commerce optimization is a necessity. Thanks to this process customers are willing to return to it and are satisfied with each purchase made. It is worth using the solutions that the Magento platform has.

Mobile first – Progressive Web App

The absolute basis is the efficient and fast operation of the website. It is important to remember that users have different devices. The mobile version deserves special attention. Why? Even 60% of customers come from this version, but this translates into only 28% of sales (according to the official Magento blog). This is very often caused by poor website optimization. NGINX research (a company preparing tools for creating applications used by Amazon, Google and IBM) shows that customers lose interest already at the moment when the page loads more than 3 seconds.

The solution to this problem is Magento, or more precisely Progressive Web App platform used by the platform. PWA resembles a mobile application, but we do not need to install it on different operating systems. Thanks to that, the websites using this system are much better optimized. Thus, we gain not only greater customer involvement, but also higher positioning in search results. PWA also saves on maintenance – after all, we no longer need to create separate versions for different platforms. Another advantage of this solution is the possibility to use the store offline.

E-commerce optimization

When our website works quickly on all devices – we can continue to impove the store. This should be done under the motto of providing the best user experience. Magento allows us to quickly facilitate the whole process.

Product listing

Proper presentation of products is one of the key issues. We need to remember about a number of steps to encourage customers to buy. The first piece of information that must necessarily be on the product card is the price. Remember to make it visible at all times, also when scrolling down the description. Another very important issue is thumbnails. The product name is an integral part of the description. New customers will surely appreciate the presence of user reviews, thanks to which they will receive additional information from people who have already made a purchase.

E-commerce optimization increases conversion

It is worth remembering about a few simple practices that have a very positive effect on sales and effectively reduce the number of abandoned baskets. These include showing the cost of the entire cart in the upper right corner of the page, in addition to the standard number of products shown. It is worth adding a movable “Add to cart” button – especially when shopping on your phone, the fixed button is easy to lose.

Making the ordering process easy

Finalizing the order must be as simple as possible. Less time needed to place an order directly translates into the number of completed purchases. In this case it is worth taking care of:

  • buying without creating an account – thanks to this we don’t have to log in to purchase goods on the store
  • no chat window when confirming the order – in this way we do not distract the customer from making the final decision
  • automatic selection of the delivery – selecting the basic delivery is great for increasing conversion
  • Increasing the number of available payments – thanks to that customers will be able to choose the most convenient option and will feel that their money is safe. Additionally, we gain credibility. Remember about traditional transfer option!
  • payment automation – a complicated payment that requires a lot of user involvement has a very negative effect on sales.

All for the customer

E-commerce optimization is a constant process which requires attention and testing of new solutions. Using the Magento platform we can adapt the store to our needs and improve its operation, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on increasing sales. Let’s remember that up to 80% of customers become attached to the store because of easy use of their website (according to the official Magento blog). In the era of a real boom for Internet sales, no seller can underestimate this fact. If you hanen’t done it yet, start e-commerce optimization as soon as possible.



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