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E-commerce development - an e-commerce agency will help you

17 February 2021by Krzysztof Abram

Have you ever met someone who does not want to increase their turnover while running an online store? We have not. Sales growth is the vital part of every business. What to do to make the development of e-commerce possible? One of the easiest ways is to establish cooperation with an e-commerce agency that will comprehensively deal with the development of your store.

E-commerce development: How will an e-commerce agency help you to develop your e-shop?

Wondering how an e-commerce agency can help you grow your store? The answer is very simple: good agencies no longer focus only on the technical aspects of e-commerce. More and more often they offer a variety of additional services that will help you reach new, higher sales levels much faster. Here’s what they can offer you.

UX audit

UX which is User eXperience is the way in which Internet users ‘experience’ navigating your online store. The more pleasant it is, the higher conversion rate you are able to reach. Good e-commerce agencies are able to conduct an UX audit for you, where experienced professionals will go through your store’s website and see how you can improve its usability. Perhaps the low sales you are struggling with is related to the size of ‘Add to cart’ button? Or perhaps it is the effect of an unclear product page? Maybe the high number of abandoned shopping carts is a result of a too long purchase path? Thanks to UX audit you will know which elements of your website to pay attention to in order to start selling even more.

Security audit

No less important than the design of your store is its security. Special audits carried out by experienced e-commerce agencies will tell you whether your website is adequately protected and what steps should be taken to further improve user security. The audit covers, among others, the payment system, information related to GDPR, the condition of the store and its vulnerability to hacking attacks. The implementation of post-audit recommendations is aimed at increasing the security level in the store, both customers (secure transactions, minimized risk of personal data breach) and your store (compliance with RODO regulations and stability of server infrastructure).

Technical and maintenance support

Implementing and launching a store is only the first of many stages on the road to e-commerce success. In order to achieve the next ones, it is necessary to provide proper technical support for your store. For this reason, good e-commerce agencies focus on ongoing maintenance support. Such a service consists of continuous monitoring of the state of the store and repair of system crashes and bugs that occurred during that time. With a certain amount of hours per month, you are able to spend them not only on necessary repair and maintenance work, but also on implementing new solutions that allow you to sell even more.

Implementation of new technologies

If you want  your store to become a market leader, you need to invest in new technologies. A good e-commerce agency will not only recommend the right ones, but also implement them in your business. Whether it is the integration with ERP system, implementation of PIM systems, building a B2B store or focusing on PWA (Progressive Web Apps) development, a good agency has experience in all these technologies and will be happy to assist you in their implementation.

E-commerce consulting

The complexity of e-commerce agency services goes far beyond just technical issues. A good agency employs experts from the industry, for whom cooperation with each client is an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience. That’s why you can also find consulting services in their offer. If you have problems with choosing the right technology or development paths, you can ask the agency that will gladly help you make those difficult decisions. The experts working there will help you plan the development strategy, choose the right tools and set up sales processes.

E-commerce development: Why is it important to choose an agency with a comprehensive offer?

If you want to develop your e-commerce business, it is worth using the services of a reliable agency that has a comprehensive offer for your store. There are 3 reasons for that:

  1. the agency hires specialists who will provide technical support for your store and will quickly respond to requests,
  2. the agency has experience in working with other clients in the e-commerce industry, so it can transfer the ideas tested by them to your store,
  3. all the necessary activities related to the development of the store are carried out in one place. This will help you avoid the mess and problems associated with them, which would appear, if you outsourced individual works (ERP implementation, UX analysis) to different companies.

How to find such an agency? We encourage you to use the advice we’ve provided in the article ‘The best e-commerce agency – what criteria should it meet?’. Thanks to them you will be able to quickly check the offer of different companies and send a request to the one which in your opinion promises the best results.

Looking for an e-commerce agency that can help you take your sales to the next level? Get a free consultation and see what we can do for you!



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