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Customer Yeda.pl

Initial situation

Yeda.pl is a leader in the trade of materials, fabrics, lace and other sewing accessories. It is a family business with “richly decorated” tradition, like their materials. The beginnings of this brand date back to 1990, when two friends started to import hand-made fabrics and materials unknown on the Polish market at that time.

The cooperation with suppliers of the assortment to the store covers the farthest corners of the world. Many designs are made only on special order. Despite the leading position in its category, the customer decided to maintain constant development of the platform and to stay ahead of their competition.

The beginning of cooperation

Yeda.pl was looking for a proven and experienced partner who would take care not only of modifications to the store, but also of its later development.

Searching for such an entity they found our e-commerce agency. We had to earn the trust of the customer, at the beginning we were entrusted to make a few modifications to the store, and then we received a permanent order to maintain and develop the e-commerce platform.

Currently Yeda.pl is our client since 2016.

Common objective

After consultation with the client, we have come to the conclusion that the priority is to fix errors in the store and restore stable operation of the store. It was important to maintain the level of sales at a satisfactory level.

After realizing this goal, Yeda.pl decided to trust us. We rebranded the store’s graphics and adapted the store to new trends. The continuation of the activities was the analysis of UX and functionality.

We also monitor the activities of our customer’s competitors in Poland and abroad on an ongoing basis.

Currently, we are constantly implementing new elements on the store to increase the conversion rate and make the store more attractive for B2B and B2C customers.

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Selected elements of project implementation:

Cooperation with Yeda.pl is very dynamic. We are constantly introducing new solutions and improvements.

Among the elements of this project we would like to mention some that were our responsibilities:

1. Repairing fatal errors in the store that prevent the sale of products.

2. Rebranding

Old version of the logotype
New version of the logotype

Developed and prepared:

  • new homepage,
  • list of products (category),
  • product card,
  • converting the shopping cart into a one-page shopping cart


3. Constant development of the store, improving B2B functionality, implementing new modules

4. Regular quarterly meetings, during which we only discuss development issues and plan how to further develop the store

5. Re-branding of the product card and product listing to adapt the store to new trends


Previous version


Current version


After 4 years of cooperation, we are proud to announce that the e-commerce platform has been stabilized. Fatal errors have been almost completely eliminated . Thanks to the introduced modifications, the client has outdone the competition. Now Yeda.pl can plan with us the constant development of the store.

The key effect was an increase in the conversion rate by 2.5x.

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