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Customer Koszulkowo

Koszulkowo.com is one of the biggest online stores in Poland that sells gadgets and print-on-demand t-shirts. The offer includes over 100 000 products in a variety of configurations and around 6000 different patterns. Koszulkowo.com cooperates with hundreds of different artists who create designs for printing as well as influencers (e.g. Loesje). The designs feature modern style and carry a strong pop culture message. The customer quickly reacts to trends and popular memes, thus constantly introducing new patterns to their collections (the most famous is, among others, “Think different” with a pear in rainbow colors).

Koszulkowo.com has a modern science park and machines dedicated to printing in various techniques. They also provide wholesale orders as well as custom designs.

Initial situation

The customer came to us from another agency due to the lack of appropriate service. The focus was on transparency of communication and billing. The store needed further optimization in terms of UX and new features on the store – the customer wanted to grow in marketing and wanted to implement new features on the store that would help them stay ahead of the competition. Support in case of any bugs in the store was also very important. 

Common objective

The main goal of our cooperation was to improve some visual aspects of the store design, improve the speed of the website (i.a. increasing conversion rate), introduce better marketing campaigns thanks to additional integrations as well as the ability to export data from the store in various formats. Additionally, the number of errors preventing sales on the store had to be reduced. 

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Selected elements of project implementation:

As part of our cooperation with Koszulkowo.com we have performed a number of actions aimed at improving the store’s operation and increasing the conversion rate. These include:

  • conducting a NewRelic analysis to optimize the speed of the website
  • rebuilding the tiles and adding a newsletter subscription form on the home page,
  • creating and implementing messages with a discount code send after subscribing to the newsletter,

Koszulkowo - mechanizm wysyłki kodu po zapisie do newslettera

  • rearranging products into new categories,
  • modifying shopping cart (i.a. TIN form field for companies, obligatory e-mail form field),
  • integration with Empik store,
  • implementing re-marketing script from WebePartners,
  • a mechanism adjusting over 2 000 000 product photos to Google Shopping requirements,
  • implementing filters in search results,

Koszulkowo - filtry w wynikach wyszukiwania

  • store integration with parcel lockers and other delivery services in Poland, 
  • improving the operation of Pixel and Facebook feed,
  • securing the store’s server by installing CloudFlare firewall,
  • repairing an error in Varnish cache which caused problems with displaying category pages.

Effects of cooperation with Koszulkowo:

The effects of our cooperation with Koszulkowo.com include:

  • fully operating integrations with re-marketing tools,
  • new ways of sending products to the clients,
  • doubled conversion rate in the store,
  • doubled conversion rate of Facebook users.

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