As we all know, we can have many modules in the administration panel of the online store. But how does this affect your online sales? Today I’ll present four modules that in my opinion best influence the increase in sales, and thus, the development of online store.
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Abandoned Cart Reminder

A very important factor is to remind customers about an unfinished purchase. When sending such a reminder we can’t be pushy, just treat such a message loosely and the effects will surely come.

Customer discounts and rewards for performing a given activity 

Thanks to this module, we will not only deepen and strengthen relationships with our customers, but above all increase sales. Let’s imagine a situation in which we give a 5% discount on our products to a customer who makes a facebook post about our store available. Many friends of such a person will click on this post and maybe they will like our product. Then we get a new customer and encourage the current customer to take advantage of the discount in our store and to continue to advertise our services, which of course translates into better sales and higher revenues in the company. Thanks to such a procedure we build brand awareness in the eyes of consumers. Such a discount will not strain our budget at all and in fact it is something that will make the customer pleasantly surprised. What do we want in return? A few clicks.


Thanks to this module, not only are we able to get to know our clients better, but also, or maybe above all, we are able to run advertising campaigns better, and a well-conducted advertising campaign means more income for our company. We find dependence everywhere. Thanks to the fact that we get to know our clients more closely, we will be able to create offers adjusted to the needs of a given client. Another advantage of this solution is to obtain basic information about such customer. Thanks to this we will be able to find out when the client’s birthday is and make wishes to the client, which will certainly not only pleasantly surprise such a person but also make the company perceived better.

Notification of product availability

What if a given product is currently missing from the warehouse and the customer cares a lot about purchasing this particular item? Nothing easier! We just need the customer’s e-mail address. With the appearance of the product in stock, the customer will automatically receive a notification about the possibility of making a purchase. Simple and effective!

Development of online store at your hand

I hope that the solutions I have presented will make you increase your sales in the online store too. These solutions are very simple to implement and it only takes a little effort to see the effects of your actions.

Good luck.

How else can you contriiute do the development of online store and increase sales? Write to us and we’ll give you a hint.