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3 ways on how to increase sales in online store

9 November 20200

Having an online store brings many benefits. We must remember to take care of our online store, because it is a business card of the company and a great opportunity to attract new customers. Nowadays, traditional trade plays less and less of a role, people choose online shopping. Why? The answer is very simple: convenience and time saving!
How to take advantage of the ever-growing trend for online shopping? How to increase the number of orders in the store? The following article will present 3 ways to increase sales in the online store.

Ask about your client’s impressions

Individual approach to the customer is very important in today’s sales world. So why not ask about the impressions and experiences of the customer who works with us? Any customer response will satisfy us. A negative answer will allow the company to develop and find out what aspects need to be worked on, while a positive one will allow us to attract new customers and confirm that we are on the right track to achieve our goal.


This is one of the more expensive options, but it is worth the risk. Positioning is to increase the visibility of our website in the search engine. By entering any password in Google we get a mass of different websites, which, according to the search engine, best match the password we entered. At the very top of this list there are positioned pages. Thanks to this method we gain the increase in traffic on the Internet store, increase confidence in our brand, the possibility of getting to know the customer better or business development.


This is the best way to present your latest products to the customer and thus encourage them to buy. All we need is the customer’s e-mail address. Thanks to the newsletter we will not only increase traffic on our store, but also improve customer relations.

In a world full of competition, the methods described above show how to increase sales in an online store. They will allow us to distinguish ourselves from other companies in the industry. Try to use these methods and you will see how quickly the situation of your company will improve.

If you are starting your adventure with Magento and are looking for a reliable partner that will enable you to constantly develop your store, write to us.







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Krzysztof Abram

Client Service Director / CEO. He is convinced that a procedural approach to discussions of implementation, maintenance and development of e-commerce systems guarantees the success of cooperation. He is an economist in computer science by education. During his career path, he gained competence as a Linux and Windows Server systems administrator, programming in C++, PHP, project management based on Scrum, ITIL, Agile methodologies. In 2008 he opened a software company working mainly for foreign markets, to finally open an e-commerce agency in 2015. According to our clients - probably the best agency in maintaining and developing Magento e-commerce systems in Poland. He and his team help to increase sales in stores by providing a stable and secure environment of the e-commerce platform supplemented with the latest technological innovations. E-commerce he supports has generated more than 1 billion in revenue.

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