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Omnichannel in e-commerce – what are its benefits?

28 January 2021by Krzysztof Abram

There are many ways to increase sales in an online store. You can invest in advertising, SEO, or content marketing. You can also use the omnichannel strategy. What is omnichannel and what are its advantages? We write about it in the following paragraphs.

What is omnichannel?

Let’s start from the beginning, which is answering the question: what is omnichannel? It is nothing but offering your products in different sales channels. These channels include:

  • auction portals, e.g. Allegro, eBay,
  • marketplace services, e.g. Amazon, Empik and many large, well-known online stores (Morele.net),
  • social network websites, e.g. Facebook, Instagram,
  • traditional stores.

In each of these places you have the opportunity to present all or part of your product offer, and thus – the opportunity to attract more customers that very often are unaware of the existence of your brand.

Advantages of onmichannel

Implementing an omnichannel strategy in your store at some stage of its development is essential for scaling sales. Deciding to take this step opens up entirely new opportunities for you.

Access to new groups of customers

As you present your products in many different places, you can reach thousands of new consumers using the service. Allegro – if their statistics are to be believed – has up to 17 million Internet users each day, which makes this service a perfect place for expansion.

Better possibilities of scaling sales

In Poland, there are at least several large marketplaces that allow you to display your own offer. This means that you are able to create many new sales channels in a relatively short period of time, gaining the attention of prospective customers.

Easier expansion abroad

With Amazon, you are able to additionally quickly build sales channel abroad. This in turn allows you to open up to completely new markets. To sum up – the main advantage of the omnichannel strategy is to obtain more so-called “customer touch points” between your offer and potential customers. This means more chances for sales and higher profit.

How to prepare for omnichannel?

Multi-channel selling sounds appealing, right? But before you start developing it, you need to prepare your store for it in the best possible way. This is necessary, because an omnichannel strategy implemented too quickly may cause two specific problems:

  • increased order processing time, due to the need to handle orders through various administration panels dedicated to specific services,
  • lack of control over stock level, which causes the availability of products in particular channels to diverge and risk shortages.

How to counteract them? The answer is an appropriate system, thanks to which we can integrate all channels in one place. A Magento store is a perfect solution in this regard. When you decide on the Magento platform, you gain an element which becomes the heart of the whole sale. With the right modules and extensions, it’s where orders from each channel go. With the help of a properly configured extension, Magento also sends current stock level for issued offers, thus allowing you to control the availability of products on all accounts in real time. Therefore, before deciding on new sales channels, it’s worth preparing tools allowing you to effectively respond to a spike in the number of orders.

Omnichannel as an essential step in the development of e-commerce business

No e-commerce business is an island. You cannot hang banners in an online store and wait for visitors to appear. If you want to achieve success, you have to be everywhere where potential customers are. Therefore, the omnichannel strategy is a logical step which should be taken at the appropriate level of store development.  

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