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Magento or PrestaShop – which store to choose? - porównanie

22 August 2017by Krzysztof Abram0

Before you start reading

Writing this article I have in my mind the last few months when I received many questions such as “Why Magento and not PrestaShop?”. The Polish e-commerce market is growing and more and more people see Magento as a way forward. However, the customer is also looking for other ways to enter the world of online commerce, among others through PrestaShop. However, the customer is also looking for other ways to enter the world of online commerce, among others through PrestaShop. Even though we’re dealing with the Magento implementations and I can be accused of lack of objectivity, I will try to answer the question what to choose – Magento or PrestaShop? I have created the following comparison between Magento and PrestaShop, taking into account the issues raised by our customers when working with Gate-Software. Without any further ado, let’s start the comparison.



For Whom?
Small online stores that do not plan to grow big in a short time  (the only question is, why don’t you want to grow?)

Flexibility and expansion

PrestaShop is less flexile than Magento, so it is more difficult to implement some functionalities.

Admin panel
The admin panel in PrestaShop is clear and easy to use.

Number of functions
PrestaShop has fewer features available in the store standard than Magento.

Discount system for clients
In PrestaShop there are plenty of free and paid modules for advanced customer discounting. Discount functions in standard are similar to Magento.

PrestaShop has problems with compatibility. It is also an engine difficult to develop because it cannot be accelerated in terms of performance. Customers are often forced to buy servers with more resources in order to eventually switch to another platform.

PrestaShop is open source software, i.e. it’s free. You have to take into account the cost of building a store, which can be handled by a friendly company or programmer. This costs less than setting up a store on Magento.


For whom
Small stores focused on development, medium and large enterprises looking for many options to customize the store, large wholesalers and B2B companies that need a fast platform to trade between businesses.

Flexibility and expansion
Magento is currently the most flexible engine for an online store. Although you will need an experienced programmer to expand it, the options that this platform gives are practically unlimited.

Admin panel
In Magento, the panel is more expandable and complex than the admin panel in PrestaShop. However, this does not mean that we will not be able to operate it. There are many free tutorials and instructions that will introduce us to the panel functions and help us to use it.

Number of functions
Magento has more functions available in the store standard than PrestaShop.

Discount system for customers
Functions in standard are similar to PrestaShop, but there are a lot of advanced modules that can move customer discounting into a completely different dimension and give extensive options to attract customers with this method.

Modifications and extensions of modules in Magento must be done by an experienced developer or team, a less experienced programmer may not be able to handle the proper operation of the store. Additionally, for the store to work quickly, you need to have a good server background.

Magento is also available on a free open source license, but we have to pay the company that implements the store. Building a Magento store is more expensive than a PrestaShop store.

Magento or Prestashop?

The above comparison shows that both platforms have their pros and cons. Every person or company that asks themselves which platform to choose for their store must think about the goal they want to achieve. Aiming for a small store on PrestaShop, which we don’t want to expand, we have to think about whether it is worth having an online store at all and why we don’t see the point of expanding our company. If the goal is to build a store that will give us the best options to grow, expand the company and go out with sales to the B2B sector or abroad, the answer is simple – Magento will help us best.

Do you agree with me? Which e-commerce platform was the best for you? What is missing in your stores and which functions do you want to develop? Feel free to discuss.

If you still don’t know which platform to chose, Magento or Prestashop, write to us.




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