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Magento 2.4 update and improvements for eCommerce

23 September 2020by marketing

Magento 2.4 update includes some new solutions. What has been changed? Of course, some features have been improved and security patches have been added. Detailed description you can find below.

Support for newer versions

The first change is official support for PHP 7.4. This means that PHP 7.1 and 7.2 will be considered obsolete. As far as PHP 7.3 is concerned, it is possible to install Magento 2.4, but this is not a recommended option due to lack of appropriate tests.

In version 2.4, we can also expect changes in the requirements for technologies responsible for database management – MySQL 8.x. Adobe recommends moving to a higher version, i.e. 8.x, due to better performance and security of the new solution. With Magento 2.4, the support for version 5.6 of MySQL has been lost.

As for the technology responsible for session data caching and storage, the new update is a recommendation for Varnish 6.x and Redis 5.0. When it comes to Redis, improvements have been made that will reduce requests. The introduction of such a solution leads to even better optimization of the platform’s speed.

New search engine in Magento 2.4 

The biggest change in Update 2.4 is the introduction of a new default search engine. It’s no longer MySQL, and Elasticsearch has taken its place. Where did this change come from? The manufacturer indicates the reason as more advanced search engine and better performance.

Magento 2.4 update and security 

Platform security improvements are something we could expect. In total, about 30 of them have been implemented compared to the previous version. Security patches seal the system, reducing the risk of RCE and XSS attacks. RCE and XSS attacks allow hackers to access the Magento admin panel and data of all store customers. Additional protection against such attacks is the use of double authentication or the use of VPN. 

Removal of Authorize.Net 

Every update we have to do with cleaning the infrastructure. It is no different in this case. This time, the integration with the Authorize.Net payment method has been removed. If the business owner wants to continue using this payment method, he should install the official extension available on the Magento Marketplace.

New media gallery and lazy loading in Magento 2.4

The lazy image loading functionality was also introduced. Thanks to this feature, when a page is loaded, images are not immediately downloaded if they are large.  This solution significantly speeds up the page loading time.

Another smaller update is scheduled for mid-October.



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