One of the reasons why B2B sales between companies suffer is the lack of time of the sales department to fully use their sales skills. Why is that? As the company grows, the number of customers increases. More and more customers and B2B platform without automation is associated with the need for more and more personal contact with the customer about his orders and additional needs. Traders spend more time on the phone informing the customer about order statuses, discounts, etc. They also waste time on endless e-mail negotiations or completing and printing documents in Excel sheets.

Thus, the sales department devotes plenty of time to supervising current orders instead of gaining new customers and increasing turnover for the company. A B2B platform in business trading can help sales managers save up to several dozen percent of the time they currently waste. Here are five examples of how such a system will save the time of the sales department.

Salesperson 24/7

Thanks to this online system, customers can place orders all day long, every day of the week. This means that there is no need to contact the salesperson when purchasing, as the platform is available online all the time. This reduces the number of calls made to the sales department and the occupancy during a few hours of work. In addition, we give our customers the convenience to order when they have the time and desire to do so.


One of the main characteristics of B2B trade is the repeat of orders placed. On the online platform, customers will be able to repeat their old orders with one click. In this way they do not have to send their shopping list to the traders in order to renew them, and can spend this time on other activities.

Access to information

On the B2B platform, the customer gets access to all information (e.g. product availability, shipping time, delivery time, type of discounts for the product, etc.). The information is easily accessible from the shopping cart and the order preview. Therefore, customers do not have to call our salespeople and ask for information about a given product.

Order status

After the order is placed, the B2B platform automatically notifies the customer about the status of order. The statuses will show the customer when the payment was received, at what stage the order is being processed and later on where our package is being sent. This again eliminates the need to contact the merchant, who no longer has to contact the logistics department/warehouse/delivery to check the status of the order.

Automated negotiations

B2B trading system will significantly reduce the time of negotiations between sales department and customers. Salespeople no longer need to spend unnecessary hours on e-mail or telephone exchanges, setting individual discounts or discounts for specific products. When placing an order, customers receive information about the product or group for which they are entitled to discounts. If they are not satisfied, they transfer the order for negotiation. They enter their comments and propose the price they are able to pay. The salesperson gets an automatic notification of the request for negotiations and can respond at a convenient time. This allows him to plan his working day better. Later, with a few clicks he accepts or makes corrections to the quote, which is sent back to the client. After acceptance, the order is placed and our salesman has saved time to contact the customer by keeping the whole history of negotiations inside the system.

What results will the B2B platform for salespeople bring?

The main result is a reduction in the amount of lost time. Since salespeople do not spend time on what the system can do for them, they can take care of tasks that generate revenue for the company. For example: focusing on their biggest clients or acquiring new clients as well as new markets. This has a direct impact on the financial performance of the merchant and the company.

Another result is increased customer confidence in the company. Since all product and sales information is in the system, errors in e-mail or telephone communication are reduced. Additionally, the customer attaches himself to the system, where he can easily order and have quick access to all data about his orders.

All this translates into real profits and reduced costs in the company. One of our customers in the manufacturing industry was able to save about 70% of their salespeople time by automating B2B sales. In this way he redirected sales resources to acquiring new customers, increasing the turnover by about 100% during the first 12 months of system operation.

If you want to know how we can help you save your salespeople’s time, write to us, we will definitely answer.